Kerim Fuad QC - Leader of the South Eastern Circuit

Call 1992 / Silk 2010

About Kerim Fuad QC

Called in 1992 / Appointed Queen’s Counsel in 2010

Legal 500 2017 recognises Kerim as a ranked QC for Terrorism and Knife Murder Cases. 

Listed in “Who’s Who.”

“First Class, I can say no more”

Martin Harvey, Partner, Angela Porters

“You’re blxxdy excellent at what you do and you do it with swag” 

FC, Murder Client.

“Thorough and meticulous in preparation, a charming advocate and a joy to work with…”

Peter Woodley, Partner, St James solicitors.

“Kerim delivered, in defence of his client, one of the most powerful and eloquent closing arguments I have ever seen”

Public Defender, USA

“Kerim Fuad QC’s supreme mastery of the evidence is only surpassed by his ability to charm jurors and judges alike.  He combines being  the father of the house at the central criminal court with  an extremely approachable and down to earth character who leaves clients with an unvarnished understanding of their predicament and a sense of relief that they are represented by the man to get them out of it.”

Sean Longley of GT Stewart Solicitors.

Kerim Fuad QC is Head of Church Court Chambers. He is the first choice highly experienced defence silk for instructing solicitors’ high-profile, sensitive and most difficult cases.

Kerim is a QC who is prepared to roll up his sleeves and fight fearlessly for his clients. His win rate is breathtaking and is second to none. He has been described as an “ingenious” barrister with a unique ability to relate effortlessly with juries. The court trusts him.
Kerim Fuad QC is the elected Leader of the South Eastern Circuit for 2017 and 2018, a reflection of the esteem with which his peers and the senior judiciary view him.
Kerim is regularly instructed in high-profile, complex and sensitive cases, for example the murder of Damilola Taylor, “the Exeter Bomber”, “the Three Cooks Bakery” murder “the Clockwork Orange” murder, the Uber Driver wife murderer, to name but a few.
Kerim’s extraordinary energy, humanity and compulsive attention to detail means that he enjoys great success in defending his trials.

Accordingly he has regular success in huge fraud trials, including by way of example the largest fraud against the NHS to date. He recently represented the main defendant in a 3 month fraud alleged against deaf charities, a complex allegation of cheating the revenue matter at the Old Bailey. He was also counsel in of the largest European human trafficking cases ever.
He is also an Environmental law specialist, working for Thames Water.
Since taking silk Kerim has developed a practice of back to back murder, terrorism, serious sexual abuse and fraud trials, nearly exclusively at the Old Bailey, where he has been described by a resident judge as “the father in the house.”
Kerim has a wealth of past experience prosecuting crime (in particular sexual abuse) at all levels. This gives him a huge insight into the need to protect and understand the needs of vulnerable witnesses. The combination of his empathy, determined and sensitive approach led to great success which later formed the template for his highly astute trial tactics.

He was chosen to work on both National and Local “Better Case Management” Committees in a bid to improve the quality of the experience facing all court users. In particular those who are the most disadvantaged and who naturally can find the crown court an oppressive, daunting and scary place to appear. He hopes to help break down those boundaries.

Kerim has a vast deal of experience in dealing with and obtaining the immediate trust of young and challenging clients and prosecution witnesses. His experience of mental health cases, especially unfitness to plead, defences of insanity and diminished responsibility is second to none.

Kerim has built a first class reputation for winning. He thrives on difficult cases and securing acquittals against the odds, in the face of seemingly the strongest of evidence.
This is why he is one of a small group of QCs who are regularly instructed to defend the most serious cases in the country at the Old Bailey.
He is renowned for his ability to cross-examine experts on complex forensic evidence, and is often instructed in murder cases which demand his understanding of forensic pathology and cell site analysis. He is an outstanding jury advocate who has an innate ability to bring warmth and humour to even the most sensitive of cases. He is renowned for his passionate and persuasive opening and closing speeches.
Kerim is highly regarded for his meticulous attention to detail and he values the importance of having Queen’s Counsel on board from the earliest opportunity and regularly insists on seeing clients in conference to reassure them even before a representation order for Silk is granted.

Kerim accepts instructions in all criminal and international matters and has been instructed by leading magic circle firms, to provide his criminal and regulatory expertise.

Kerim has long had an interest in international law and the benefit to be gained in learning from other legal jurisdictions and forging close cultural ties. Kerim was born in Kampala, Uganda and has lived in Hong Kong; he is of Cypriot heritage.
Kerim proudly Co- founded and Co- Chairs “the Cypriot Lawyers’ Society.”

In March 2018 he was specifically chosen by the British High Commissioner to teach advocates in Cyprus and harmonise relations between the two communities. He made strong associations with both Chief Justices there and met their respective judiciaries.

Having fled Uganda as a refugee in the 1970s, he understands better than most the difficulties displacement and isolation can bring.
He has provided a detailed paper to assist the Law Commission on its consultation on the law of Insanity and Automatism. Furthermore he has helped in the response to the Law Commission’s consultation on “Misconduct in Public Office.”
In November 2016 he was the only QC in the country to be selected to visit the Scottish High Court and attend the Scottish CBA Conference.
There he was privileged to give  a detailed talk on “Registered Intermediaries- The Theory in Practice in England and Wales.” He has developed strong ties with the Dean and Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Advocates.
From 2012 to 2016 Kerim Fuad QC was an active member of the Executive of the Criminal Bar Association.
He was the appointed Chair of the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Bar Mess from 2013 to 2016.
Kerim is a qualified Advocacy trainer for the Middle Temple.
He has also been a pupil supervisor for 18 years.
Kerim Fuad QC believes that with the right positive mindset anything can be achieved.
“Do the right thing, not the easy thing.”




Current Instructions

R v AS and others – Murder- Old Bailey

R v FK – Murder – Old Bailey

R v CD and another- Murder – Old Bailey

R v DB and 9 others – Murder- Old Bailey

Environment- Thames Water- Oxford Crown Court


Cases of note

R v Abdulraoof Al Shayeb – Terrorism – Snaresbrook Crown Court – December 2015.

Mr Al-Shayeb was found with material of detailed instructions on Dragunov sniper rifles, Grad rockets, mortars, a jihadi training checklist and bomb making information. He asserted that agents from the Bahraini state had collaborated with the UK in planting the material on him and in his home.

He claimed to be a peaceful human rights activist who had been tortured by the Bahraini state.

Photos were before the jury of him in Parliament with Jeremy Corbyn. He had also worked with Lord Avebury.

Mr Alshayeb was also shown in photos in Iraq dressed in military fatigues holding two firearms.

The case attracted a huge amount of press interest.
R v R A and others – Central Criminal Court – Murder

On 24th April 2015 Kerim Fuad QC leading Robert Newcombe of Church Court Chambers secured the acquittal of R A after a two month trial at the Old Bailey. Mr A faced counts of murder and violent disorder in relation to the murder of Femi Junaid in Stockwell in February 2014. The evidence included that he was captured on cctv running towards the victim at the time he was stabbed, stooping down to pick up an object and later being found with the victim’s blood over his hoody top.

R v AL and others – Central Criminal Court – Murder.

Murder of Christopher Foster. In November 2014 Mr Fuad QC represented a man who murdered the wrong man, mistaking an innocent member of the public drinking outside St Christopher’s Inn, Borough High Street, for the true target.

R v A A – Luton Crown Court, Double Murder

On 19th June 2014 after a lengthy trial in front of Mr Justice Davis, Kerim Fuad QC secured the unanimous acquittal of a boy who faced two counts of execution style murder.
R v Nkosi Kunene – Central Criminal Court
In February 2014, Kerim represented the father charged with the manslaughter of his 5 month old son. He had refused to seek medical assistance for his child who was suffering from Rickets, due to a covenant with God.

R v Andrew Cane – Exeter Crown Court, Murder
Kerim Fuad QC defended a man in the face of the “most overwhelming evidence” who had murdered his mother with a belt.
R -v- Felix Connel and others – Central Criminal Court, Murder
On 11th June 2013 following a lengthy trial at the Old Bailey Kerim secured the unanimous acquittal of the main defendant accused of the murder of NB. It was his tenacity in seeking disclosure, combined with his cross examination that led to a prosecution witness confessing that the main bulk of prosecution witnesses had lied.
R v Yayha Harun ‘Fishermead Double Murder’ – St Albans and Luton Crown Court
Double Murder – Kerim successfully defended Yayha Harun, charged with two murders following a shooting on the Fishermead Estate, Milton Keynes. YH had made admissions on covert recording on several occasions wishing the victim would die. The defendant was acquitted at retrial following the jury being discharged after the first trial. Both other defendants were convicted and were sentenced to life with minimum terms of 38 years.
R v Thomas Puxty – Kingston Crown Court (and Court of Appeal) Murder.
Unique murder trial where the defendant walked into a police station to confess in detail to the murder of a man who had disappeared without trace 7 years earlier. Having taken the police and dogs to the very spot where he had buried him and confessed in interview, he then pleaded not guilty.
R v Emlyn Evans-Loude – Central Criminal Court, Murder
Murder of a fellow student with a dumbbell causing horrific injuries.
R v Kraig Issacs- Central Criminal Court Murder
Kerim Fuad QC secured the only acquittal in a six week gang-warfare murder trial at the Old Bailey, Mr Fuad QC’s client was charged together with four others with the murder of a man who was shot three times at point blank range. This was a case based on phone evidence and as such careful cross-examination was required of the prosecution’s cell site expert. After two days of meticulous cross examination of the expert the Crown’s case had been destroyed.
R v Antony Malone – Central Criminal Court – Extradition, Kidnap, False Imprisonment and GBH
Kerim represented Anthony Malone, the first person to have ever been extradited from Afghanistan.

Cases of note (cont.)

R. v Michael Roberts “The Southwark Rapist” – Southwark Crown Court
Kerim represented a man accused of the serial rapes and battery of several 80+ year old women. It was a cold case going back some 20 years and his expertise on the status and integrity of Low Copy Number DNA was called upon. 
Accordingly has was asked to and has released a DVD explaining the nature of DNA evidence.
Santharatnam and others (2011) EWCA Crim 946 – Central Criminal Court and Court of Appeal, Cricket bats Murder
Kerim successfully won after 3 days at the Court of Appeal, quashing a murder conviction in an extremely complicated and long running case.
R v Keiron Brown – Luton Crown Court, Murder.
In 2011 before Mr Justice Cook Kerim secured an acquittal completely against the odds, successfully running self-defence.
R v Lamarr Gordon and others – Central Criminal Court, Murder.
In 2011 Kerim defended one of the gang leaders of the notorious SG (“Shanks and Guns”) gang in the high profile killing of Nicholas Pearton in Sydenham for three months at the Old Bailey in early 2011.
R v J A and others – Central Criminal Court, Murder.
In 2010 Kerim represented a young boy in the Trafalgar Square alleged homophobic “Clockwork Orange” killing.
R v Jake Farhi – Central Criminal Court, Murder
In 2009
 before Mr Justice Calvert-Smith Kerim defended Jake Farhi in the “Three Cooks/Gentle Giant” bakery murder of Jimmy Mizen.
R v Mohammed Saeed-Alim – Central Criminal Court, Terrorism.
In 2009 before Mr Justice Calvert Smith. Kerim represented Mohammed Saeed-Alim, “the Exeter bomber” who walked into a Giraffe restaurant and detonated a device.
R v Emma Manser – Exeter Crown Court, Murder
In 2008 Kerim represented an Exeter woman who was charged with the murder of her child and the attempted murder of her mother.
R v Sean Duhig and others – Maidstone Crown Court , Murder.
Before Mr Justice Goldring.
 In 2007 Kerim successfully defended in the five handed Sheerness “racist” murder.
R v Tibo Mayele and others – Maidstone Crown Court, Fraud
Kerim represented the architect of a vast conspiracy to steal over 5 million pounds through the mass forgery and manipulation of giro cheques in a case that was linked to 25 conspiracies in the UK.
R v Yusef Turkman and others – Croydon Crown Court. Human Trafficking and Money Laundering
In 2007 as Leading Counsel Kerim defended in the most comprehensive European People smuggling and money laundering conspiracy in the UK to date.
R v Alex Clipston – Luton Crown Court, Drugs Conspiracy
In 2007 and 2006 Kerim secured the acquittal of the main defendant in a large drugs conspiracy in Bedfordshire.
R v Joy Henry -Southwark Crown Court, Substantial Fraud.
In 2005 and 2006 Kerim defended the ring leader in the largest ever fraud against the National Health Service.
R v Daniel Gardner – Central Criminal Court, Double Murder.
In 2003 Kerim successfully secured a probation order for a defendant who killed his parents in acts of euthanasia.
Ray Mallon/”Zero Tolerance” Enquiry into Police Corruption.
In 2002 Kerim defended one of the police officers in the Mayor of Middlesbrough/Ray Mallon “zero tolerance” enquiry which was the biggest investigation into police corruption in this country.
R v A, B, C and D, Central Criminal Court. Murder
Before (the then) Mr Justice Tony Hooper. 
In 2002 Kerim Fuad successfully represented the youngest of the four defendants at the original trial at the Old Bailey of the murder of 10 year old Damilola Taylor. His client was acquitted. It remains probably the highest profile case that the Old Bailey has heard this century.