Kevin Molloy

Called in 1999

About Kevin Molloy

Called in 1999

Kevin is one London’s top criminal defence barristers and his practice caters for both private clients and those needing representation who are publicly funded.

Kevin was called to the Bar in 1999 and has been in continual practice in London ever since.

He is highly regarded by both the solicitors who instruct him and the barristers who appear with or against him in court. Judges who know him have described him as an “assured and highly skilled advocate”.    He is regularly instructed in serious and complex cases both in the Crown Court and in the Court of Appeal.

Kevin is a hugely experienced barrister who conducts trials either on his own or as leading counsel. Queens Counsel who have led him in complex trials value his tactical awareness, tenacity and attention to detail.

As leading counsel he has proved to be a very effective and fearless opponent who has won the respect of others. Due to the reputation he has gained over the years other counsel who have worked with him regularly seek his advice. Kevin is known to have sound judgement which, combined with a sharp legal brain and competitive personality make him a popular choice with both lay and professional clients.

His vast experience and well-earned reputation has meant he has been instructed in high profile cases in London, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Exeter, Cardiff and elsewhere.

He has successfully defended in the most serious cases including those alleging murder, kidnapping, large scale drugs conspiracies, fraud conspiracies, gun crime, bomb making and sex offences.

Kevin successfully defended in the first “slave case” to be tried in England in nearly 200 years. The trial lasted three months and despite the Crown insisting they had a “very strong case” his client was the only defendant to be acquitted.  The case was described by the trial judge as one of the “most complex any jury would ever have to deal with”.  This success was followed by new solicitors instructing him in another “slave case”, this time in Wales. After a three week trial his client was acquitted.

Despite a very heavy work load Kevin plays an active part in the management of his chambers and is an active member of various legal, professional bodies. He sits on the South Eastern Circuit committee and is Chair of his local Bar Mess.



Committee member South Eastern Circuit.
Chair of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Bar Mess.
Member of Middle Temple Inn.
Chambers representative for Middle Temple Inn.
Member of the Northern Ireland Bar.
Member of the CBA.


Contributed to SEC committee response to government paper  entitled “Breaking the Cycle of Offending”. Contributed to Circuiteer quarterly magazine.

Criminal Law

R v V – The only trial to be conducted with the defendant appearing in court via video-link and not in person in the dock. The trial Judge described him as the most dangerous man currently in prison in the UK.

R v F – Represented a client accused of making a bomb and leaving it outside the address of a love-rival.

R v M – Represented a client who was accused of murdering his own mother in the first case of matricide to be heard in Exeter crown court.

R v B – Represented a client who was accused of making and leaving a bomb in a hotel.

R v B – Represented at the Old Bailey a defendant accused of the double-murder of rival drug dealers.

R v M – Secured the acquittal of a retired professional who was accused of serious sexual assaults which dated back 40 years.

R v K – Successfully defended at the Old Bailey in a case involving a Lithuanian national who was accused of being a member of an organised criminal gang who had allegedly kidnapped a Latvian national in an attempt to extort money from his family.

R v U – Secured the acquittal of defendant accused of familial homicide relating to the murder by family members of a sister. The trial lasted 10 weeks and involved the defendants wife trying to blame the defendant. The wife was convicted of the murder.

R v B – Contract killing trial which lasted 4 weeks and involved one of six co-defendant’s trying to accuse the defendant of involvement in an attempted murder. The co-defendant received a 34 year prison sentence whilst Kevin’s defendant was acquitted.

R v G – Unusual and novel gross negligence manslaughter trial which involved experts giving evidence from the USA and resulted in an acquittal.

R v F – GBH trial which, following detailed attack on identification evidence resulted in Crown conceding they had no case and a not guilty verdict was entered on the record.

R v B – “Blue Lagoon Murder” where the tortured and dismembered body of the victim surfaced in the lagoon a full year after the murder.

R v B – Largest ever fraud committed against the NHS at the time, with the use of ghost workers over a long period.

R v B  – Defended in multi-handed double-murder at the Old Bailey.  The trial ran for nearly three months and attracted much attention in the national press.

R v E– Secured acquittal in alleged hate crime, the complainant was a transvestite and the allegation was in relation to a s.18 GBH assault.

Slavery Law

R v C – Notorious “slave” case, the first of its kind in 200 years and resulted in sole acquittal.

R v D – Similar “slave” case in Cardiff that again resulted in an acquittal.



R v S – Defended the main defendant whilst leading another barrister in a very large, historic drugs and money laundering conspiracy. The evidence involved the presentation of phone usage spread over a 10 year period and covering several continents. The complexity of the case included the use and understanding of the international money exchange markets.
R v F – Operation panther involved the prosecution of a large drugs conspiracy based in Essex.  The late service of phone evidence required a lengthy and skilled cross-examination of the Crown phone expert which resulted in the case being stopped and adjourned.  At the second trial the phone evidence was discredited due to its many flaws, which resulted in the acquittal of both defendants and the awarding of full costs for the first trial against the crown prosecution service.

Leading Work

The following are a sample of full trials Kevin has conducted whilst leading another barrister:

R v N  –  Leading counsel in a conspiracy to murder where Kevin led a member of his chambers in a two month long trial, which included a difficult cut-throat defence.  Kevin was one of the few to secure an acquittal.

R v D – Led a member of chambers in large multi-handed “slave” case, which lasted three months.  Secured the only acquittal out of seven defendants despite representing one of the “main” defendants.

R v D – Represented the first named defendant on the indictment whilst leading a member of his own chambers in a “forced labour/slave” case.  Trial lasted 3 weeks and resulted in the only acquittal.

R v M – Led a member of his own chambers in a complex and difficult historic drugs case.