Liam Loughlin

Called in 2008

About Liam Loughlin

Called in 2008

Liam has a mixed common law practice, with an emphasis on criminal defence and immigration. Liam is instructed across a broad range of practice areas and is willing to undertake instructions in other areas. Liam has a reputation for strong advocacy skills coupled with a sharp and analytical mind applied to each case. Liam prides himself on not only having the skills required for inside of the court room but the compassion and consideration required outside of it, to ensure that those instructing and the lay client feel fully informed and involved in the process.


Liam enjoys a broad criminal practice representing clients across the full range of criminal and quasi-criminal matters. Liam is as comfortable dealing with vulnerable legally aided defendants as commercial clients and prides himself on providing the highest level of client care. Liam is regularly instructed in serious criminal matters across a broad range of work in the Crown Court and has appeared in the Court of Appeal for appeal against sentence and conviction.


Liam continues to be instructed in all manner of fraud cases building upon his previous employment history working for a busy city brokerage assessing due diligence, compliance and legal liabilities. Liam also draws upon his experience of having worked as a fraud investigator on multi-million pound domestic and international fraud cases.


Liam has a busy immigration practice across the broad range of immigration work across all levels, including in the Upper Tribunal and in relation to Judicial Review.

International Law

Having previously worked as an intern for on the Charles Taylor Defence Team in the Hague Liam maintains a strong interest in this developing field of law. Liam spent seven months in 2012 working as the Country Project Director for a mitigation and Capital case project in Uganda on behalf of the Centre for Capital Punishment Studies. Liam established a project dealing with those awaiting re-sentencing whilst on death row (the “Kigula beneficiaries” – see related posts) as well as assisting in training lawyers and students more generally in the principles of mitigation and key areas of human rights. Liam remains committed to the abolition of the death penalty and was proud to have been nominated for the Bar Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year Award 2013 for this work. Liam continues to act and advise in a number of capital cases, including a number of cases due to be listed before the Supreme Court in Uganda later this year, on both appeal against conviction and sentence. Liam has also acted in an advisory capacity in a number of cases including advising members of the Syrian Government-in-exile in relation to domestic and international criminal liability against President Assad. Liam continues to build his practise and hopes to be called to the Bar of Pakistan later this year to act in that jurisdiction.

Prison Law

Liam has built on his experience as a prison law paralegal prior to commencing pupillage and continues to be instructed in Adjudications and advising on Judicial Review. Liam has handled numerous Parole Board hearings, including those involving complex psychological and psychiatric evidence as well as license recalls, IPP cases and lifers.

Judicial Review

Liam is building a strong practise in judicial review and advises across a broad range of such proceedings (please see Publications & Articles for details of Liam’s recent contribution to the practitioner’s handbook on Judicial Review). Liam advises in relation to all aspects of judicial review and prides himself on a forensic analysis of the issues and an understanding of the complete judicial review process, from drafting the preliminary letters prior to commencing the Pre-Action Protocol through to the remedies post hearing. Liam has acted and advised in relation to challenges of the decisions of prison Governors, the Secretary of State for the Home Department, the London Borough of Islington Council and the Legal Aid Agency. Liam is prepared to challenge any decision with merits and to comprehensively advise in relation to those challenges

Licensing, Regulatory and Planning

Liam accepts instructions across the gamut of licensing work, including alcohol and taxi licenses and temporary event licenses. Liam advises and represents those involved with issues in relation to the Food Standards Agency as well as Health and Safety. Liam is instructed in planning matters as well as the possible criminal liability often stemming from alleged breaches. Liam has also successfully acted in proceedings before the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Landlord & Tenant / Construction Law Liam has been instructed in numerous cases in relation to this area. Instructions include, enforcement and challenge of section 21 eviction notices, failure to license tenanted dwellings and planning matters. Liam has also been instructed in relation to a number of construction disputes in relation to breach of contract and the enforcement of standard form contracts. Liam has also advised in relation to arbitration and mediation in relation to such disputes. Liam has also acted in civil actions in relation to claims for breach of contract Most recently, Liam was instructed in relation to unjust enrichment and restitution arising from an initial complex contractual agreement in relation to the purchase of land and its development.

Terrorism & Human Rights

Liam has been instructed in a number of alleged terrorism cases and continues to maintain an interest in protecting the rights of the accused, whatever the charge.


Publications & Articles

• “Judicial Review in the Crown Court”, co-author and contributor to the practitioner handbook “Criminal Judicial Review”(Hart Publishing, 2014)

• CCPS Guides to Ugandan Law on “Hearsay“, “Disclosure” and “Identification” evidence (2012), published online and free to access to all Ugandan Lawyers through the Ugandan Law Society and UNAFRI websites

• “Plea Bargaining in the UK” (2011), report presented to a delegation from the Bar of Singapore

• “Reforming the Law Concerning Physician Assisted Suicide” (2009) – Law Reform Committee Essay Competition Prize Winner of the Year


ICSL Law School, BVC

University of Cambridge – BA/ LLB (Law), M.A

Scholarships & Prizes

Bar Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year 2013 (Nominee)

Law Reform Committee Essay Competition 2009 (Prize winner)

Gray’s Inn Internship Scholarship 2009

Ede & Ravenscroft Legal Prize 2008

Gray’s Inn Student of the Year 2008

Gray’s Inn Debating Competition 2008 (Winner)

APEX Debating Competition 2008 (Winner)

Serious Violence

R v MS:  Currently instructed to be lead by Queen’s Counsel at the Old Bailey in 6 week case involving allegations or murder and conspiracy to commit Grievous     Bodily Harm related to gang violence in North London.

R v AI: Instructed in a case involving an allegation of attempted murder, the defendant was acquitted.

R v MS: Instructed in a murder and conspiracy to cause section 18 GBH currently listed for six weeks at the Old Bailey.

R v CM: Instructed in case involving allegations of murder and conspiracy to cause s.18 GBH. Defendant acquitted of the most serious charges.

R v AE: Alleged violent disorder relating to gang violence in South East London involving various weapons, including a firearm.

R v JN: Alleged gang related violent disorder involving a street stabbing.

R v A-B: GBH with intent in relation to street stabbing.

R v MA: Violent Robbery resulting in the death of the victim. Complexities included assessment of mentally-ill client, including issues of fitness to plead and consideration of whether Hospital Order or imprisonment was the most appropriate sentence (a Hospital Order was imposed).

R v E: GBH involving glassing and facial scarring.

Aggravated Burglary

R v DG:  Series of aggravated burglaries in the Hackney area where the defendants were alleged to have carried out home invasions & held householders at knife point.

R v RB:  Instructed in relation to an aggravated burglary involving the use of a firearm

R v M:  A large multi-handed conspiracy to burgle, including aggravated burglary.

Drug Offences

R v B: Possession with Intent to Supply in excess of five kilos of cocaine.

R v S-C: Importation of six kilos of liquid cocaine from Jamaica.

R v AG: Large, multi-handed Possession with Intent to Supply Class A drugs case involving   the alleged supply of drugs in the Surrey area by gangs from South East London.


R v A: A complex case involving analysis of the conflicting areas of the law of the Philippines and English law, including areas of family, chancery and criminal law. Liam succeeded on legal argument on the application of Philippine law and the case was dismissed after a judgment in favour of the defendant.

Sexual Offences

R v G: Currently instructed in a case involving three allegations of Sexual Assault.

R v W: Case involving the making of indecent images of children and the possession of extreme pornography.

R v PD: Instructed in a case of indecent assault on a minor and possession of over 100,000 indecent images, at all levels.


V – Albanian blood feud asylum case involving a successful appeal heard at the Upper Tribunal

A – Successful application for permission for Judicial Review of the Home Office.

M – Asylum case involving a member of Jamaat e Islami in Bangladesh.

X – Trafficking case, involving the trafficking of women from the Balkans for use in the sex industry.

B – Represented client in relation to EEC national case and Ghanaian Customary marriage.

Prison Law

D – Instructed in Parole Board hearing in relation to prisoner serving life sentence for the murder of a 62 year-old neighbour.

X – Successfully obtained release on license in the case of X, convicted of fratricide.

Terrorism & Human Rights

R v T: Case involving threats by a foreign national to blow up a bus in South East London.

R v E: Trial on the actus reus alone of a defendant found unfit to plead, accused of sending a number of packages to the Israeli Embassy and the White House, resulting in the US Secret Service placing the White House on a heightened state of security alert.


R v PN: Currently instructed in a complex fraud case at Southwark Crown Court listed for three months.

R v MO: Instructed in relation to a number of complex frauds perpetrated against elderly and vulnerable victims.

R v X: Retained as LPP Counsel in relation to an international multi-million pound fraud. Further details restricted due to confidentiality agreement.