After a hard fought six week trial at the Old Bailey, Kerim Fuad QC and Fiona McAddy’s client, DL was the only one of the 5 defendants to be acquitted of Murder & Manslaughter. DL was unanimously acquitted.

In what was one of his toughest cutthroat defences to date, Mr Fuad QC exposed the first 3 defendants’ lies, that their client DL was in the culprit car that went to the murder and whom was alleged by all to have played a lead part in the brutal and fatal knife attack on young Jermaine Goupall.

This was in spite of DL getting a text shortly before the murder saying;

“Get your nank we going 7.” 7 was a reference to “CR7” another part of Croydon with whom the gang who lived in “CRO” postcode had historical issues of taunting and violence.

Complex issues relating to a co-defendant’s bad character dominated the case, and Mr Fuad QC’s powerful and incisive cross examination based in part around the fruits of the application decimated the accounts of the co-defendants, and critically, augmented the Crown’s case against them.

Mr Fuad QC was the only silk to make a defence opening speech which firmly laid the foundation for their defence and took the sting out of the case against his client.

They were instructed by Tim Edwards of Edwards Vaziraney.