Chris Johnston secures acquittal at Old Bailey in GBH trial involving the use of a truck as a weapon.

His client was accused of pushing his brother out of a moving truck causing the victim to cling onto the door as he drove down a residential road in broad daylight. With the truck travelling at 35 mph, he then mounted the pavement and drove at telegraph posts to try to seriously injure him. Witnesses described the events with a degree of horror as the vehicle was deliberately aimed for not one but two such posts whereby the victim struck one and collapsed in the gutter before the driver fled the scene at speed. The collision left the victim him with a large cut on his liver and other internal injuries, causing a lengthy stay in hospital and long-term harm. The jury acquitted the defendant not only of the more serious count of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, but also of the lesser count of causing serious bodily harm by dangerous driving.

Chris was instructed by Mark Bonner of McQueens Solicitors