Sam Stockwell, instructed by Ani Yeghikian of Criminal Defence Solicitors, represented a young woman of good character at Kingston Crown Court in respect of an allegations of s.18 Grievous Bodily Harm, s.20 Grievous Bodily Harm and Malicious Communications.

The Crown’s case, involving multiple complainants and witnesses of identification, was the the defendant had bottled a former lover of her boyfriend, in a nightclub, and sent threatening messages the next day which were akin to a confession.

This was a retrial. A successful application for disclosure by Sam at the first trial led to the uncovering of evidence which was helpful to the defence and, ultimately, the successful discharge of the jury due to prejudice which had been suffered by the defence. Informed by this disclosure at the retrial, Sam’s cross-examination of three eye witnesses and the officer in the case, along with the exclusion of some key phone and police evidence, led to a successful application of no case to answer on all counts. Not guilty pleas were duly entered in respect of all counts.