Dizzee Rascal had previously failed to show up and perform at a music festival, but allegedly kept the £20000 performance fee. The festival organiser subsequently set up a company called ‘Give Us Back Our Money You Rascal Limited’ to sue him. Rascal lost the case. Solley’s client, Direct Collection Bailiffs Limited (DCBL), attempted to enforce a £60000 Judgment Order (which included costs) by way of a writ of control through a High Court Enforcement Agent. The Agents sought to enforce control over goods, but Rascal’s agents paid up instead of having goods seized.

Lawyers for Rascal subsequently sought an urgent stay of execution and are appealing against the initial judgment debt. Rascal’s lawyers filed an application against DCBL arguing that the entry warrant was unlawful, and sought costs of circa £20000. Although DCBL accepted that the warrant should be set-aside, HHJ Jarman QC sitting as a High Court Judge, declined to rule that the warrant was unlawful and made no order as to costs against DCBL client.

Yusuf Solley acted for DCBL.