Yusuf Solley was instructed as junior counsel in this alleged gang fuelled attack. His client was charged with murder, GBH and attempted GBH of three innocent victims in South Harrow. The crown alleged that 4 youths, 1 of whom has since fled the country and was not involved in the trial, drove to South Harrow in a taxi, to exact a bloody revenge on a rival gang.

The crown alleged that his client was one of the three who left the taxi in South Harrow and participated in the violence before returning to the taxi. The three boys, so the prosecution said, initially wounded and attempted to wound two boys, round the corner from South Harrow tube station. The fourth boy appeared to be the ‘look out’ minding the taxi whilst it waited.

After the initial two stabbings had occurred, one boy ran back to the taxi. However the other two youths, of which Solley’s client was one, ran to the high street outside the Chicken Hut in South Harrow, where a third innocent victim was fatally stabbed. Both boys then ran back to the taxi. The victim died in hospital three days later.

On running back to the taxi after the fatal stabbing, the CCTV caught one of the youths wielding a large rambo-style knife, wearing a purple latex glove on his right hand. Solley’s client was seen just behind him, wearing a purple latex glove on his left hand. Despite the CCTV evidence, the jury accepted that he hadn’t known his ‘friends’ were carrying knives, or that they had a plan to stab anyone and was present on this occasion by chance, and that he hadn’t participated in any way.

His client was unanimously acquitted of all counts. The other two defendants, including the youth minding the taxi, were unanimously convicted of murder, GBH and attempted GBH, on a joint enterprise basis. The trial lasted 4 weeks