Myanmar: Genocide? The law

Michael Polak and Diana Constantinidou Deliver Genocide Lecture at the Universal Peace Federation Last Thursday 28 September 2017 Michael Polak of Church Court Chambers and Diana Constantinidou of Strattonfield Chamber who is currently undertaking an international...

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Kerim Fuad QC succeeds in university rape case.

Mr Fuad QC, Head of Church Court Chambers represented a young man accused of the rape of a fellow University student. After a trademark opening speech by Mr Fuad QC, straight after the crown's opening, and his meticulous cross examination (which was praised by the...

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Jo Morris enjoys a success at the Court of Appeal.

Jo Morris succeeded in her application at the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) to reduce a sentence imposed upon a vulnerable man on the basis that the original sentences should have been concurrent not consecutive and offended against the principle of totality....

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