Church Court Chambers offers a highly experienced Courts Martial group.  We are professional advocates who understand the structure of service life and the procedures of the Courts Martial.

We have represented servicemen at all ranks in Colchester, Portsmouth and in Germany.

We all have a detailed knowledge of the Armed Forces Act 2006 and the Armed Forces Rules.  Indeed, we will deliver a seminar upon this topic in the course of our 2016 lecture programme.

A number of members of Church Court Chambers are former servicemen and serving reservists.  We have members who have service experience in the Army, the Navy and the RAF and our Courts Martial team has a unique insight into the demands placed upon service personnel and the realities of service life.

Legal aid is available to service personnel subject to military justice and to civilians subject to the Service Civilian Court.  Servicemen and civilians alike have the right to instruct counsel of their choice and we will provide specialist assistance to anybody in such a position.

We are able to provide both advocacy and advisory services in relation to all aspects of service life.