International Law

International Law

Church Court Chambers prides itself on being able to draw upon a broad range of experience in relation to international law, with members of chambers having acted and advised in a wide range of jurisdictions in both civil and criminal matters.

In recent years we have had members of chambers working on death row work in Uganda, for the Chief Justice of Rwanda as well as having acted in relation to civil matters in South Africa helping to assist victims of the Apartheid regime to receive compensation. Members of chambers have also acted for claimants against a global oil firm operating in Nigeria as well as being instructed in a major international carbon trading fraud case.

Members of chambers have experience of working at the international tribunals including the Special Court for Sierra Leone in Den Haag as well working closely with the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) (better known as “the Khmer Rouge Tribunal”).

Members of chambers have also participated in advocacy training in the United States and spent time working in Washington with the Public Defenders’ office in the United States.

We also act in an advisory capacity and have recently met with and helped to advise members of the Syrian opposition in exile as well as in relation to allegations of international corruption.

In November 2014 Kerim Fuad QC together with Pavlos Panayi QC set up the Cypriot Lawyers Society.  The Society is non political and welcomes all Greek and Turkish Cypriot barristers, solicitors and employed lawyers practising in all areas of the law, both in the United Kingdom and Cyprus.  The CLS aims to develop and encourage professional contacts and relationships within the communities.

Chambers takes an active approach to this developing field of work and continues to be committed to pro bono work in the field of international human rights as and when the need arises.

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