Anne Powell

About Anne Powell

Anne Powell is an experienced and specialist full-time Family and Workplace Mediator.

Anne studied in Switzerland and originally worked as a litigator for over 20 years, in City and niche private practice law firms. She left to run her own commercial FSA regulated   business for several years, and then retrained with ADR.g as a Family Mediator in 2011.Anne has also cross qualified as an accredited Workplace Mediator.

The experiences gained in busy Legal and Financial, practice give Anne a unique skill set, which together with her straightforward and empathic approach, assist in handling the most high conflict and complex cases in all issues arising from Divorce and Separation involving Children and Finances.

The additional experience of running her own businesses makes her particularly qualified to grasps issues,, arising in Workplace Dispute Resolution, she is able to  see beyond the rhetoric and clarify matters quickly and efficiently, in Workplace and Employment disputes.

Clients find her professional manner reassuring and her trained eye in identifying the issues invaluable. Her experience and foresight in reality testing any proposals put forward ensures that any agreement reached is workable.

Anne speaks fluent French, has basic understanding of Italian and Spanish. Her hobbies are Foreign Travel, Wine appreciation & spending time with Family and Friends.