AMJAD MALIK QC Spoke at BNP Paribas, London on October 5

Amjad Malik QC was invited to speak to an audience of over a 100 bankers at  BNP Paribas offices in London on the new Corporate offences of Failing to Prevent the facilitation of Tax evasion under the Criminal Finances Act 2017.

The City is calling on expert practitioners, such as Amjad Malik QC, to explain and apply the newest corporate economic crime legislation that impacts on the financial services they provide. Reasonable prevention procedures are required to be in place in order to meet the strict liability offences set out in the Act.

After explaining the offences, he then dealt with unseen questions from the audience, including the senior management of the Bank, which set out different factual scenarios and he provided clear answers as to how and whether the offences applied. The audience were pleased to see and hear an expert criminal QC dealing with these offences outside of the court arena.


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