“The Crime (Overseas Production Order) Bill (‘The Bill’)” – An Article by Yasin Patel and Amy Hazlewood

The British government and its agencies powers of investigation will increase significantly with a new piece of legislation. Powers that will mean access to data stored overseas in the name of criminal prosecutions. More worryingly, access to material without being scrutinised by a UK Judge. This bill is speedily and silently making its way towards becoming law. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many more social media sites could be providing all your secrets to the authorities. Did you sign up to that when you joined them? Yasin Patel and Amy Hazlewood consider the bill, its contents and the dangers to individual rights, freedoms and liberties.

To download the article please click the following link: The Crime (Overseas Production Order) Bill (‘The Bill’)


Published on March 6, 2019 by Yasin Patel

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