Ticket touts – How do they get away with it? – An Article by Yasin Patel

This weekend the Rugby World Cup Final between England and South Africa will be watched by billions around the globe.  Inside the Yokohama International Stadium, a capacity crowd of 72,327 spectators will watch the match.  Tickets are already sold out.  However, tickets costing £717 are being sold for £12,500 by ticket touts.  Despite the zero-tolerance policy in Japan, the touts are certainly doing good business and making enormous profits.

Yasin Patel, through this article will look at the history of ticket touting, the law, and then discuss the recent case brought by North Yorkshire County Council under section 90 of the Consumer Rights Act 2015, its repercussions and what next in the fight against touts on behalf of the spectator and fans.  The article looks at the million dollar question: “How do ticket touts get away with it”?

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Published on October 31, 2019 by Yasin Patel

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