Alun Evans

Year of Call: 1971

Alun is a criminal practitioner for 39 years, undertaking prosecution and defence work in the Crown, Magistrates and Youth Courts and in the Court of Appeal.

Experience:  Alun’s caseload has been wide-ranging and has included:

  • being led for the defence in murders at the Central Criminal Court
  • prosecuting complex frauds such as a large scale production of credit and bank cards;
  • defending one of the first cases of transmitting pornographic images on the internet;
  • prosecuting supply of high value drugs and confiscation of property and assets;
  • defending in an early alcohol diversion scheme, with multiple defendants mounting cut-throat defences;
  • prosecuting multi-handed trials for arson, serious violence, burglary, fraud etc.
  • representing defendants at army court martials in UK and Germany.

Of late he has predominantly prosecuted for the CPS and other agencies such as the Probation Service and the Department of Work and Pensions.


Skills and Personal Qualities

As a seasoned advocate, Alun feels confident in his ability to take the daily twists and turns of the court process in his stride. But there are always surprises, which keep him sharp and interested.

Blessed with a good memory for detail, he can assimilate complex casework quickly.  His many years at the Bar help him identify and focus on the issues that require attention and which go the heart of a case.

He aims to promote confidence in the prosecution service in others, particularly those who are giving evidence in court, seeking their continued participation in the event of delays and adjournments.  Whether civilian witnesses, defendants, experts or police, He listens to what they say, explains what will happen, and provides reassurance to secure their trust and co-operation.

He has built a sound, flexible working relationships with prosecution professionals, caseworkers, and police officers, placing emphasis on effective communication.

He is tenacious when pursuing important issues, taking the initiative to problem solve.  Equally, he is realistic when there is little prospect of success, and will speak his mind.

Calm, self-assured, and with an articulate, distinctive speaking voice, he is a persuasive advocate with a good track record of success for whosoever instructs him.

Notable Cases

  • R v Hassankhail

    Child Abduction Act, compatibility with Human Rights Act, 2015

  • R v Benn

    DNA challenge to robbery identification, 2015

  • R v Anderson and Dennis

    Affray and self defence, 2015

  • R v Nyandu

    Non-insane automatism, 2014

  • R v Kankananage

    Computer Sales Fraud, 2014

  • R v Carth

    Using noxious substance with intent to do GBH, 2014

  • R v Kerr

    Blackmail, 2014

  • R v Carty

    Dangerous Driving and identification, 2014 Court.


B.Sc (Econ) International Relations, London School of Economics, 1975

Memberships and Awards

Criminal Bar Association
Grays Inn
Inner Temple
CPS External Advocate Grade 3