Andrew Taylor

Year of Call - 1984


“Andrew Taylor wins praise due to the zeal and determination that he exhibits.”

Chambers 2008

“Andrew Taylor has a broad criminal practice with a specialism is gaining compensation for wrongful convictions. He provides advice to the BBC and is well known in the legal community for this role. He worked on R v Mattan, the last man in Wales to hang.”

Chambers 2010

“Andrew Taylor is recommended for his extensive criminal practice and his efforts in seeking compensation for wrongful conviction/execution.”

Chambers 2011

“The experienced Andrew Taylor’s recent work has included fraud and murder cases. He is noted for the strength of his appellate practice.”

Chambers UK 2012

Full Profile

Andrew is a highly respected criminal advocate who for over 25 years has specialised in criminal defence. Having been a Grade 4 CPS Counsel, for the last 4 years has only undertaken defence briefs. Andrew has been in continuous practice since being called to the Bar. He has appeared with and been led by some of the leading advocates in England & Wales over the last 30 years. He is known for his thorough preparation and meticulous attention to detail. He is considered to be a formidable cross examiner and is a consummate jury advocate. He is also very approachable and is very good with clients.

Andrew has led many juniors over the years, and in the last year has conducted two murder cases without a Leading Counsel. He has experience of multiple murder cases, conspiracy to murder, large scale drug importation cases, sex cases involving allegations at multiple  children’s homes, MTIC or Missing trader frauds, HMRC frauds, mortgage frauds involving numerous professional clients,  international drug conspiracies, international money laundering, contempt proceedings, perverting or attempting to pervert the course of justice in criminal, civil and family jurisdictions, conspiracy to defraud insurance companies, people trafficking, DWP fraud.

Andrew has been instructed in numerous VHCC cases as a Junior and Leading Junior. He is also regularly instructed in private defence cases. Due to his extensive experience, reputation and fascinating commentary, he has been an advisor to the BBC for over 20 years and takes part in numerous legal discussions and debates. He regularly appears on television programmes, Radio 4, Radio 5, Radio 2 and regional BBC stations providing advice, commentary and opinion. He additionally advises the BBC and independent production companies on legal affairs/current affairs programmes.


Andrew is the Wales & Chester Circuit Representative on the Gray’s Inn Barrister’s Committee. He is also a representative on the Bar Council Committee that is looking into GFS reform. He believes passionately in the provision of legal aid and has played leading roles in opposition to Legal Aid cuts.

Practice areas

Criminal Law



Cases of note

  • criminal law
    R v R

    Leading Counsel in R v R where the Crown and co-defendant, (a practicing solicitor) were represented by Silk and Juniors. Secured an acquittal following a successful dismissal argument in an international money laundering case that had taken 6 years to come to trial.

    R v P

    Led a junior in a large scale conspiracy in Plymouth Crown Court where it was alleged that huge quantities of Class A drugs were being brought into ports from Holland.

    R v W

    Led a junior in a heroin conspiracy where a huge network of defendants were charged and the trial process in total took almost 6 months.

    R v R

    Represented a client charged with conspiracy to pervert justice in civil proceedings where her two co accused were practicing solicitors. It was alleged by the Crown that his client had falsified documents and altered civil pleadings. The client was eventually acquitted after a trial lasting 6 weeks.


    Andrew is currently appearing in a long running case in Inner London Crown Court where his client is facing two allegations of MTIC fraud along with money laundering


    Later this year Andrew is instructed on behalf of a defendant who is facing an allegation of murder where it is suggested that he used a sawn off shotgun to kill a man over a dispute they were having. The case is listed to last 6 weeks.

    October 2019

    Andrew is representing a Defendant who along with two others is accused of conspiracy to defraud a local authority out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

    September 2019

    In September Andrew is due to represent a client facing multiple Human Trafficking allegations.

    December 2015

    Andrew achieved the first acquittal in “Operation Dino” which involved 89 Defendants who were charged in a well-publicised case known as “Cash for Crash” and involved conspiracies to defraud. The Crown ultimately convicted 87 of the Defendants.

    November 2016

    Andrew’s client in a double handed murder ran cut throat. He was acquitted of murder but convicted of Manslaughter. The co accused was convicted of murder.

    May 2016

    Andrew’s client in a long case at Southwark Crown Court was acquitted of conspiracy to defraud the DWP of almost £1 million.

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