Kevin Molloy

Year of Call: 1999

Kevin is a hugely experienced and talented criminal defence barrister and his practice caters mainly for private clients and those who are publicly funded.

Kevin was called to the Bar in 1999 and has been in continual practice in London ever since.

He is highly regarded by both the solicitors who instruct him and the barristers who appear with or against him in court. Judges who know him have described him as an “assured and highly skilled advocate”.    He is regularly instructed in the most serious and complex cases both in the Crown Court and in the Court of Appeal.  He secured an appeal against conviction for a victim of trafficking who was wrongly prosecuted and convicted in the Crown Court.  R v HHD [2018] EWCA Crim 2995 a case which now appears in the CPS guidance on issues surrounding Human Trafficking, Smuggling and Slavery.

Kings Counsel who have led him in complex trials value his tactical awareness, legal knowledge and attention to detail.

As a cross-examiner he is known as a barrister who can undermine the most confident of witnesses and expose weaknesses in evidence others have missed. Due to the reputation he has earned over the years other counsel regularly seek his advice. Kevin is known to have excellent judgement which, combined with a sharp legal brain make him a hugely popular choice with both lay and professional clients.

His vast experience and well-earned reputation has meant he has been instructed in high profile cases in courts both inside and outside London.

He has successfully defended in the most serious cases including those alleging murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, large scale drugs conspiracies, fraud conspiracies, gun crime, bomb making and sex offences. He was also instructed in the first case of its kind brought to court in relation to coercive and controlling behaviour under s.76 Serious Crime Act 2015.

Kevin regularly acts as leading counsel in complex trials and secured the only acquittal as leading counsel in the very first “slave” case brought to trial in the UK in nearly 200 years. The trial lasted three months and was described by the trial judge as one of the “most complex any jury would ever have to deal with”.

Despite a very heavy work load Kevin played a very active part in the management of his chambers for many years. He still chairs the Pupillage committee in Chambers and is Chair of the Herts & Beds Bar Mess and has been made Editor of the Circuiteer, which is published on behalf of the South Eastern Circuit (SEC). Kevin has been a member of the SEC committee for many years.  Kevin is heavily committed to diversity within the profession and takes part in initiatives both inside and outside his Chambers to ensure the profession fully represents those it serves.

Notable Cases

  • R v G – (2022)

    Kevin, whilst led by Kate Bex KC secured the acquittal of a 16yo defendant who had been accused of Murder and Manslaughter. The case was particularly complex given the nature of the defences advanced and the ages of those involved. Kevin is particularly skilled at working with young defendants.

  • R v C – (2021)

    A case in which the defendant was accused of sexual assault by two independent and unrelated complainants. The alleged assaults took place during the day on public transport. Although the proximity between the defendant and the complainants was not in dispute, what he was alleged to have done to the complainants was very much in dispute. Following cross-examination by counsel the version of events put forward by both complainants was left wanting and the jury acquitted the defendant of all counts.

  • R v M – (2021)

    In this trial the defendant had been located at the address of a family member. Outside the address was his car and inside that car Police found a loaded semi-automatic pistol and sawn-off shotgun. The defendant had been observed by the Police visiting the car an hour before they arrested him. The defendant was charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent in endanger life. Following a thorough analysis of all the observation logs and covert footage made, Kevin was able to expose issues with the timings put forward by the police in their statements and indeed the conduct of police officers carrying out the searches. Doubt was cast over who was responsible for leaving the loaded guns in the car and the jury came back with not guilty verdicts on all the firearms charges. After the verdicts the Learned Judge commented “That’s what you call a result Mr Molloy”.

  • R v C – (2020)

    A unusual case that at first blush looked like a straight forward guilty plea after a defendant had imported a firearm into the UK. In such cases the defendant would have received a “minimum term” of 5 years in prison. Following further research and the instruction by counsel of experts dealing with the defendants’ personality, it was decided that it would be arguable that “exceptional circumstances” should be applied in relation to this case. Following lengthy and detailed submissions by Kevin the Learned Judge eventually agreed and the defendant received a non-custodial sentence

  • R v B – (2019)

    Kevin acted as leading counsel in a murder trial at the Bailey. The defendant decided to plead guilty after day three and faced an almost certain “whole life order” as the defendant already had a conviction for murder and attempted murder. Kevin, after lengthy submissions successfully persuaded the court not to impose such a sentence.

  • R v S - (2019)

    Attempted murder trial at the Old Bailey. Defendant accused with attempting to kill the victim in order to enforce a drugs debt. The victim had been put in a bath and doused from head to toe with petrol before being set alight, suffering 40% burns to his body. The defendant accepted presence but denied being responsible. The victim had studied law and maintained that the defendant was a drug dealer and was the man responsible for his horrific injuries. Following a three week trial the jury unanimously acquitted the defendant.

  • R v HHD – (2019)

    Court of Appeal, Kevin won an appeal against conviction in relation to a victim of human trafficking, debt bondage and slavery under s.45 Modern Slavery Act 2015. The case was of such importance it was referred to the Senior Presiding Judge of England and Wales.

  • R v W – (2019)

    People smuggling trial in Portsmouth. Kevin represented a female defendant who had been charged with two others with conspiring to smuggle into the UK vulnerable migrants. The defendant was stopped in Portsmouth and in her van the authorities found 8 migrants. The co-defendants who were in a car behind tried desperately to blame the female driver of the van. Following a lengthy trial, the jury acquitted the female van driver and convicted both the male co-defendants.

  • R v W – (2018)

    Three month fraud conspiracy at Southwark Crown Court. The case involved benefit assessors who agreed to falsify numerous false benefit applications. These benefits paid out over a period of years and were in excess of a million pounds. Kevin led counsel from chambers in this long and very complex case.

  • R v K – (2018)

    Three month murder trial at the Old Bailey successfully defending the “Snapchat Queen” against an allegation of murder. The defendant was prosecuted as a secondary party who was alleged to have wanted to have a man, who wanted to be her boyfriend murdered. She recorded footage of the victim dying on the street and uploaded it onto Snapchat.

  • R v M – (2018)

    Prosecution alleged defendant had smuggled firearms into a property in Luton. Following two days of legal argument Kevin secured the dismissal of the case.

  • R v G – (2017)

    Unusual and novel gross negligence manslaughter trial which involved experts giving evidence from the USA with regard to a drug called Ibogaine. Following lengthy legal argument at the close of the Crowns case the defendant was found not guilty.

  • R v V – (2017)

    The only trial to be conducted with the defendant appearing in court via video-link and not in person in the dock. The trial Judge described the defendant as the “most dangerous man currently in prison in the UK.”

  • R v J – (2017)

    Secured the acquittal of a “faith healer” accused of serious sexual misconduct at Luton Crown Court.

  • R v U – (2015)

    Secured the acquittal of defendant accused of Murder and familial homicide under s. 5 of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 relating to the murder by family members of his sister. The trial lasted 10 weeks and involved the defendants wife trying to blame the defendant. The wife was convicted of the murder.

  • R v B – (2015)

    Represented a defendant at the Old Bailey accused of the double-murder of members of a rival drug gang. The trial lasted 4 months.

  • R v M – (2015)

    Secured the acquittal of a retired professional who was accused of serious sexual assaults which dated back 40 years.

  • R v B – (2015)

    Contract killing trial which lasted 4 weeks and involved six defendant’s. One co-defendant tried to say Kevin’s defendant was heavily involved. Following lengthy cross-examination of this co-defendant by Kevin, the jury convicted the co-defendant and acquitted Kevin’s client.

  • R v F

    Serious s.18 GBH trial involving a victim who was a trainee lawyer. Following a detailed attack on the accuracy of the identification evidence by Kevin, the prosecution conceded their case was no longer one they could put before a jury and a not guilty verdict was entered.

  • R v D – (2014)

    Kevin led counsel in first “slave” case of its kind in Wales and led counsel from chambers. Another acquittal was secured whilst the co-defendant was convicted.

  • R v C – (2013)

    Notorious “slave” case, the first of its kind in the UK in 200 years. Mr Molloy led counsel from chambers and secured the only acquittal in the trial. It was described by the trial Judge as “one of the most complex cases any jury would ever have to deal with.”

  • R v F

    Represented a client accused of making a bomb and leaving a device outside the address of a love-rival.

  • R v M

    Represented a client who was accused of murdering his own mother in the first case of matricide to be heard in Exeter crown court.

Publications and Lectures

Contributed to SEC committee response to government paper entitled “Breaking the Cycle of Offending”. Contributed to Circuiteer quarterly magazine.


Committee member South Eastern Circuit

Chair of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire Bar Mess

Member of Middle Temple Inn

Chambers representative for Middle Temple Inn

Member of the Northern Ireland Bar

Member of the CBA

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