Patrick Upward KC

Year of Call: 1972
Year of Silk: 1996

Patrick is a highly experienced practitioner who specialises in defending cases involving murder and manslaughter.

After years prosecuting high-profile cases involving terrorism and serious fraud, Patrick specialises in defending homicides – where he combines a meticulous approach with an ability to put defendants at their ease.

He devotes time and attention to evidential detail – on the long-held principle that time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted. He has a good network of expert witnesses and a strong knowledge of firearms and ammunition.

Patrick prides himself on his ability to communicate with defendants, giving them the time they need – and helping them remain calm despite the serious charges they may face.

He believes in taking time to support the family of a defendant – helping them stay aware of what is happening during a period of difficulty and stress.

Patrick is also a recorder with both criminal and civil jurisdiction, and a tribunal judge with the mental health review tribunal.


Patrick teaches advocacy at the University of Hertfordshire

Notable Cases

  • R v S, 2017

    Attempted murder/Section 18, in which the defendant eviscerated his victim with a machete. Not guilty both counts.

  • R v F, 2016

    A Royal Marine charged with fraud and theft and possession of 500 rounds of rifle ammunition. Not guilty on all counts Truro Crown Court.

  • R v B, 2016

    Wood Green Crown Court. Attempted murder/Section 18. A North London street gang stabbing. Not guilty on all counts.

  • R v Baker, 2016

    Attempted murder, in which the victim was stabbed 46 times. Snaresbrook Crown Court.

  • R v M, 2016

    Gross negligence and manslaughter, whereby the victim was killed by mechanical digger – guilty, sentence suspended. Wolverhampton Crown Court.

  • R v K, 2016

    Murder, the victim shot in care home by husband who was found not guilty of murder and sentenced to a hospital order. Chelmsford Crown Court.

  • R v B, 2016

    Murder, in which the victim was beaten to death. Client found not guilty of murder, guilty of manslaughter and sentenced to a hospital order. Winchester Crown Court.

  • R v F, 2016

    Murder, in which the victim was stabbed 8 times by neighbour. Found guilty of manslaughter – 13 years imprisonment. Inner London Crown Court.

  • R v C, 2016

    The victim, a suspected paedophile, was stabbed. Chelmsford Crown Court.

  • R v R, 2016

    Victim was beaten to death. Winchester Crown Court.

  • R v L, 2015

    Historical child sex offences. Guilty and sentenced to 23 years’ imprisonment. Southwark Crown Court.

  • R v R, 2015

    Victim was driven over 6 times with a large Mercedes. Defendant sentenced to life imprisonment. Chelmsford Crown Court.

  • R. v. C, 2014

    Murder of one identical twin by the other. Winchester Crown Court.

  • R. v. I, 2013

    Cage fighter acquitted of murder. Maidstone Crown Court.

  • R. v. S and others, 2013

    Substantial fraud involving stolen scrap metal. Acquitted of all charges. Oxford Crown Court.

  • R. v. N, 2013

    Attempted contract killing. Victim survived. Acquitted on all charges.

  • R. v. A, 2012

    Contract killing. Central Criminal Court.

  • R. v. H and another, 2012

    Billion dollar negotiable instrument fraud. Southwark Crown Court.

  • R. v. G and others, 2012

    Drugs conspiracy involving transport of heroin through British Army bases in Germany. Manchester Crown Court.

  • R. v. A and others, 2012

    Unprovoked attack on a man at night. Acquitted of manslaughter. Central Criminal Court.

  • R. v. K and another, 2012

    Money laundering Columbian drug funds. Southwark Crown Court.

  • R. v. A, 2011

    Rape, s.18 and child cruelty. Acquitted of all charges. Blackfriars Crown Court.

  • R. v. R and others, 2011

    Conspiracy to import drugs by the ton from Columbia. Acquitted of all charges. Central Criminal Court.

  • R. v. A and others, 2009 – 2012

    Known as the Airline Bombers’ Case. The defendant was acquitted of the main charge of conspiracy to destroy aircraft. Woolwich Crown Court.

  • R. v. Brown and others, 2008

    Known as the Lakeland Terrorist Training camp case. B was acquitted. Woolwich Crown Court.

  • R. v. H and others, 2014

    Corporate manslaughter and health and safety offences. Acquitted of manslaughter.

  • R. v. H, 2014

    Multi-million investment fraud. Southwark Crown Court.


Recorder (criminal and civil jurisdiction)

Tribunal judge with mental health review tribunal

Master of the Bench, Inner Temple