Yasin Patel FCIArb


Legal 500 2020, 2021 & 2023, Ranked as a Leading Junior for both Sports and Crime

Year of Call: 2002
“I do not know how to thank Yasin for everything he has done in my case and the fact he has given me support and reassurance ever since he has come on board. He was right all along: it is not a sprint, but a marathon."

– 2024, Welsh rugby player accused of breaching the United Kingdom Anti-Doping (UKAD) code

"Yasin is able to grasp the most difficult, complex and challenging cases, even at very short notice. His written work is excellent and his advocacy is exceptional. He has superb people skills and no matter how grave or serious the offence, he is able to put the client at ease that they are in safe hands."

– Legal 500 2022, Ranked as a Leading Junior

"Yasin is extremely thorough with his work. Always detailed advice on evidence, action plans are provided. Yasin has a great eye for detail."

– Legal 500 2022, Ranked as a Leading Junior

"Yasin is an extremely hard worker and thorough with his work. Has the ability to develop great rapport with all types of clients regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, cultural backgrounds. A key strength is his ability to handle all types of complex cases."

– Legal 500 2021, Ranked as a Leading Junior

"Extremely effective – he maintains a concise, measured approach."

– Legal 500 2020, Ranked as a Leading Junior

Yasin conducts all aspects of Criminal defence, White collar and fraud, International Appellate work, Regulatory and Sports Law both nationally and International, Commercial Law and many other areas.

In fraud and financial regulation, there is an abundance of expertise in national and International complex fraud, money laundering, commercial fraud and business crime.

In addition, the criminal defence work encompasses a CV full of work that includes murder and grave offences, sexual offences, human trafficking and human rights cases.

Experienced in all aspects of Sports Law with a wide range of clients. This ranges from Sports Professionals, governing bodies (national and international), professional teams and clubs, agents, journalists and broadcasters. Appeared regularly before national and international courts and tribunals.

Advisor and counsel to clients abroad in International Cases of MTIC, Carbon, Ponzi and other fraud cases including clients in Dubai and the Middle East, the US (‘million-dollar man’) and in Europe (‘Deutsche Bank’ fraud and other cases).

Has been advising and dealing with regulatory work including representation of Dentists, Pharmacists and other Medical Professionals.

Highly experienced in Inquests, Public Enquiries and Judicial Reviews as well as Civil Actions against the Police, highlight a practice that is multi-disciplinary and covering many aspects of Civil Work. Appears regularly before the Parole Board representing terrorists and those convicted of grave crimes.

Reported Cases include, R v Salman Butt (the former Pakistan Test Cricket Team Captain in the spot-fixing case), R v Yasir Ali (human trafficking, rape and grooming), R v Patel (multi-million pound Bosch fraud), R v Hassan (double-murder), R v Uddin (honour-killing case) and R v Yousaf (Metropolitan Police Officer involved in human trafficking).

For further information on Yasins Sport Law work please visit www.slam.global.



  • Pro Bono work for Newham Monitoring Project
  • Trustee and Volunteer at Frenford Clubs for Young People
  • Adviser to Gujarati Metropolitan Cricket League (GMCL) and Essex Association of Boys Clubs

Notable Cases

  • R v BB and Others

    Operation Patos – Led Junior in a murder committed in Enfield linked with the DA and the GMG. A ‘cut-throat’ between all of the defendants.

  • R v C and Others

    Operation Nunton – Led Junior in trial at Central Criminal Court following a murder in Romford linked with drugs and ‘County lines’. In the cut-throat proceedings, Mr Charles was acquitted of the grave charges.

  • R v D and Others

    Operation Dynasty – Leading Junior in a tragic death in Leicester that was broadcast nationally where the defendant was charged with conspiracy to murder but found guilty of lesser offences resulting in a sentence of just over 8 years.

  • R v OH and Others

    A brutal double-murder gang-killing in Leytonstone that was tried at the Central Criminal Court and involved a ‘cut-throat’ between two factions of defendants from the one gang.

  • R v TU and Others

    Junior counsel in a nationally broadcast and publicised honour killing case at St. Albans Crown Court where the defendants were charged with murder and the new Section 5 DVCDA.

  • R v YA and Others

    Junior counsel in a nationally broadcast trial of numerous counts of rape, human trafficking and grooming in Peterborough and surrounding areas.

  • R v PK and Others

    Murder of a young medical graduate battered to death with a cricket bat in an alleged gang related fight in South London.

  • R v SA

    Representation of the defendant tried and convicted in the Rachel Manning murder.

  • R v KY and Others

    Representation of a Metropolitan Police officer charged with multiple rapes, human trafficking, sexual assaults and perverting the course of justice.

  • R v IN

    Young defendant charged and tried of grooming and rape of a teenage girl in the north of England: a hung jury resulted in this politically sensitive case.

  • R v HJ

    An 86-year old charged with a number of historical sexual offences of rape and sexual assault of children.

  • R v U

    Cleric charged with multiple counts of rape and indecent assault upon young students.

  • R v L

    Man accused of raping a prostitute and causing serious injuries to her body.

  • R v P

    Man with serious mental health deficiencies accused of raping young children.

  • R v W and Others

    Junior counsel in multi-million pound drugs conspiracy trial and confiscation proceedings at Kingston Crown Court.

  • R v P and Others

    Junior counsel in a conspiracy involving theft of machinery involving BOSCH UK at Reading Crown Court.

  • R v JW

    Charged with several other defendants with a conspiracy to steal spanning 18 months and across the South East of England involving 100’s of offences.

  • R v GJ

    Representation before the Recorder of Southwark where an old lady was killed via the act of death by careless driving.

  • R v SVD

    Representation of a man charged in conspiracies involving kidnapping, blackmail, Section 18 offences and drugs supply at the Central Criminal Court.

  • R v TH

    Air-rage case, where the accused was arrested and charged following efforts to force open the plane doors and storm the flight deck.

  • R v SX

    A drugs conspiracy to supply Class A drugs in the Watford and surrounding areas from a gang alleged to have made millions of pounds from their actions.

  • R v SM

    Tried for conspiracy to supply Class A at the Central Criminal Court, the defendants were alleged to be part of a gang who had conspired to Supply Class A across London.

  • R v E

    Successful representation of a man charged with section 18 offences and on a life licence.

  • R v B

    Armed Robbery conspiracy on an armoured vehicle by a prominent gang in the Midlands.

  • R v VP

    Representation of a man charged with armed robbery and featured on the BBC’s ‘Crimewatch’ programme.

  • R v NP and others

    Operation Osmoregulation – Led Junior in terrorism trial as the Old Bailey where the defendant was acquitted of all terrorism charges. The trial involving young children, schools and prayer classes was publicised nationally

  • R v NC

    Arrested on Terrorism matters and subsequently tried on possession of explosive substances and improvised explosive devices, the Attorney General ordered for the matter to be dropped following lengthy legal arguments and submissions by the defence.

  • R V LA

    Representation of leading client charged with terrorism and drug related offences in the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • R v AM

    Parole Board Hearing, representing client convicted of terrorism offences.

  • R v OB

    Representation of prisoner before Parole Board hearing convicted of terrorism offences and recalled to prison.

  • R v M

    Terrorism matter charged under new legislation.

  • R v G and Others

    Operation Ensete and Operation Amaryllis – Leading Counsel in an International multi-million pound fraud and money-laundering case where Mr. Gidde was deemed to be the leading criminal but received a lesser sentence then all other defendants.

  • R v IK and Others

    Operation Tarlac – Leading counsel for the main defendant in this multi-million pound International fraud to be tried in October 2016 in a conspiracy that resulted in world-wide money-laundering

  • R v A and Others

    Representation of the ‘second in command’ in the £130 million fraud reported throughout the Press.

  • R v AH and Others

    Operation Cave II – A fraud involving the smuggling and importation of tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol worth millions of pounds. Hamdi walked free from the court of the conspiracy charges.

  • R v SP

    Operation Fardel – An International Fraud where the accusation was was that the defendant defrauded many victims and laundered the proceeds worldwide.

  • R v A and Others

    Operation Susomo – Junior Counsel in a fraud conspiracy involving Forex Exchanges in and around London with International organistaions in the Middle East, Asia and Far East.

  • R v SPP and Others

    Operation Perhaps – Representing one of the lead defendants in a mortgage conspiracy and money laundering case at Birmingham Crown Court involving millions of pounds.

  • R v LN and Others

    Operation Jibe – Tried at the Central Criminal Court and accused of assisting the main defendant in a mortgage fraud involving numerous financial institutions and banks amounting to millions of pounds

  • R v MY and Others

    Operation Enderby – Junior counsel in a multi-million pound fraud and money-laundering case at the Central Criminal Court where the SFO offered No Evidence after 19 days of a trial.

  • R v SB and Others

    In this ‘spot-fixing case’ which was broadcast all over the world, was representing the Pakistan Cricket Team Captain in charges of conspiring to cheat and obtain financial advantage at Southwark Crown Court

  • R v SM and Others

    ‘Bollywood Film Fraud’: a conspiracy to cheat HMRC by claiming rebates and VAT on Bollywood films that were never produced; one of the first film frauds to be tried in the UK, where HMRC lost millions of pounds.

  • R v ZI

    Charged with conspiracies regarding Money-laundering, VAT and phone frauds following multi-national investigations and charged with a number of International defendants.

  • R V MP

    Held at Southwark Crown Court, the first trial under the Bribery Act 2010, in conspiracies linked to bribes taken by an employee of HMCTS.

  • R v NP

    Representation of defendant charged with a multi-million pound mortgage fraud.

  • R v MR

    Client charged with various fraud and copyright offences and linked to £63 million HMRC Fraud.

  • R v JS

    Conspiracies linked to Immigration fraud offences, false passports and documentation, tax evasion and benefit fraud on an International scale

  • R v SD

    Heard at Southwark Crown Court, a conspiracy where the banking fraud involved employees of the bank being accused of withdrawing savings of clients who were deceased and transferring the money to international accounts abroad.

  • R v SJ

    Benefit fraud involving hundreds of thousands of pounds and multiple fraud identities around Maternity Benefits, Child Tax Credits, Child benefits and other benefits by the defendant on behalf of persons residing abroad.

  • R v MM

    Charged with several other defendants on a variety of fraud conspiracies associated with letting businesses and the letting of properties and money laundering offences.

  • R v AM

    A fraud committed against TFL totalling hundreds of thousands of pounds by using the refund scheme on Oyster cards and electronic refunds.

  • R v RC

    Representation of one of the UK’s leading Aston-Martin dealers accused of defrauding Williams (F1) and causing them huge financial losses.

  • R v S

    Fraud case involving laundering of money and proceeds through the ‘Havalla’ method.

  • R v AAS

    Multi-handed social security fraud involving 6 defendants and housing, council, social security and mortgage fraud.

  • R v A

    A Judicial Review of the Parole Board and Prison Service regarding the recall and lack of education and training to a recalled prisoner.

  • R v A

    A Judicial Review of detention of a foreign national held in custody despite the expiry of his custodial term.

  • R v W

    Judicial Review of a prisoner incarcerated beyond his minimum time tariff due to the lack of courses in the Prison Establishment.

  • R v S

    Various Human Rights arguments for a defendant prosecuted under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2003, for protesting outside Parliament and other protesting activities.

  • R v OB

    Judicial Review of the rights to privacy and family life of a defendant whose personal and family details were being broadcasted and reported daily through the national press.

  • R v M

    Representation of Sri Lankan Tamils, protesting about the selling of arms to the Sri Lankan government and the subsequent killing of Tamils.

  • R v M and Others

    Defendants charged with violent disorder offences and riot in Burnley and Oldham in 2001 and whose defence was defence of the community from Far Right racists.

  • R v AM

    Parole Board hearing, representing client convicted of terrorism offences.

  • R v OB

    Representing a prisoner before the Parole Board, convicted of terrorism offences and who was recalled for breaching licence conditions.

  • R v A

    Representation of foreign nationals in parole proceedings who were sentenced to extended sentences.

  • Adrian Longley

    Reported Inquest of a prisoner whose suicide was partially blamed on the Prison authorities who removed his suicide watch to facilitate his transfer from one prison to another.

  • Andrew Pountley

    Death of a prisoner and Rule 39 order in relation to the availability of defibrillator’s in prison establishment.

  • Andrew Palmer

    Inquest that ordered the updating and minimal requirements of first aid equipment in prison establishment.

  • Prosecution v KSK

    Tried in Frankfurt, advised and represented the client charged as one of the leaders of a conspiracy involving a number of defendants and forming a multi-million Euros MTIC and VAT Fraud.

  • Prosecution v SB

    Carbon Credit Fraud and Phone Fraud charges and allegation against a defendant in Munich involving tax evasion of over 12 million Euros.

  • Prosecution v SA

    Dubbed the ‘Million dollar man’, representation included the fighting of his extradition from the USA to Europe and then the defence in various charges of VAT Fraud, Carbon Credit Fraud, Money Laundering and other offences totalling over 100 million Euros and many companies.

  • Prosecution V IAP

    Charges varying from MTIC and Carbon Credit Fraud and also tax evasion and linked to one of the biggest Carbon Credit Frauds in Frankfurt.

  • Prosecution v AV

    MTIC Fraud matters covering a whole European Network and specifically linked with emissions fraud in Poland

  • Worked for Reprieve 2003/2004 to today in representing inmates on Death Row and facing the Death penalty in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Florida.

  • Advising clients in Caribbean Death Row cases.

  • Advising clients in Pakistan who are sentenced to the Death Penalty.

  • R v SB

    Extradition Proceedings sought by GDR: defence of Extradition on Article 8 Human Rights Grounds and also Legal Submissions on Article 2 Grounds.

  • R v KSK

    Involving a warrant issued by the GDR and arguments against extradition of client accused of being the ‘mastermind’ behind a multi-million-pound VAT Fraud. Defence based upon Article 8 of the ECHR and the validity of the arrest warrant.

  • R v RK

    Extradition proceedings relating to various Category 2 states demanding extradition of a defendant charged with grave crimes.

  • R v IP

    Extradition was requested by the GDR following the issuing of an EAW in relation to fraud allegations. Human Rights defences were submitted and argued all the way to the High Court.

  • R v B

    Application by Turkish state to have Kurdish refugees extradited: Human Rights based opposition led to the application being refused.

  • R v Wu

    Application to have a Chinese political dissident extradited to China.

  • ICC v SB

    Representation of the Former Pakistan Cricket Captain at the International Cricket Council Tribunal Hearing in Doha, Qatar, and at the Appeal at the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), in Lausanne.

  • BCB v MA

    Representation in proceedings before CAS and in hearings before an Independent Tribunal in Bangladesh on offences of match-fixing in the BCB with evidence of fixing in test matches and One-Day Internationals.

  • WPBSA Tribunal

    Part of Tribunal Team that heard the cases and Hearings of Cao Yupeng and Yu Delu before the WPBSA Board.

  • England Cricketers

    Representation of International cricketers in defamation matters arising out of match-fixing allegations and Al-Jazeera Documentary.

  • ITF v JM

    Representation of International Tennis Star in Appeal Proceedings before CAS.

  • BCB v DS

    English cricketer represented in proceedings of numerous individuals of various fixing offences in the Bangladesh Premier League.

  • ECB v Mervyn Westfield

    Successful Appeal of a young English cricketer before the EWCB Independent Tribunal Appeal and representation in other hearings and cases.

  • ECB v MW

    Successful Appeal of a young English cricketer before the EWCB Independent Tribunal Appeal.

  • CSA v GB

    Advising of International Cricketer charged with match-fixing offences.

  • ICC v RB

    Representation of an International cricketer investigated by the ICC for Breaching the Code on corruption.

  • ICC v OS

    Representation of an International cricketer investigated by the ICC for match-fixing.

  • WWA v OA

    Successful representation of wrestler charged with offences linked to steroids and enhancement drugs.

  • LTA v S

    Dispute between the Lawn Tennis Association and a young black tennis player: instructed by the CAS to represent Mr Stoute.

  • MCC

    Disciplinary Hearings Tribunal Member for various offences committed by members of the MCC.

  • R v I

    County cricketer represented in front of County Tribunal Hearing.

  • Essex FA v Bari FC

    Representation of Football Club and individual players charged by the FA.

  • International Cricketers

    Contractual negotiations on behalf of International cricketers.

  • Dhaka Gladiators

    Advising the Franchise Team, its owners and management body in relation to a ban imposed by the BPL and the ICC.

  • PSL

    Advising Players and Franchise sides on player contracts, Image Rights and terms and conditions of League and Franchise.

  • ESPN

    Contractual Negotiations and Agreements on behalf of International Sportsmen with Worldwide Sporting Broadcaster.

  • Playing Contracts

    Contractual Negotiations with National Sporting Teams for player contracts, Image Rights, Endorsements, bonuses and more.

  • Image Rights

    Advising International Sportsmen and Women on Image Rights companies, contracts, clauses, structures and benefits in a variety of sports

  • MCC

    Committee Member and Advisor to Membership and General Purposes Committee

  • Premier League

    Speaking at Premier League clubs to players and officials on contracts, terms, conditions, wages and various legal duties and rights within contracts

    As well as representation, advice has been provided to Sports Leagues Committees, teams and individuals in relation to a plethora of subjects including drugs and misconduct issues

    Speaker at International Sports law conferences involving topics such as corruption, drugs use, betting and corporate governance

    Adviser and trainer at Professional sports clubs and bodies including rugby, cricket, football and martial arts.

    Yasin Patel has also been involved in various aspects of Sports Law in advising, negotiating and drafting contracts for professional sportsmen with media companies for commentary, commercials and advertising and media work

    He has been instructed to represent International Sportsmen in their contractual negotiations as well as drafting of their professional playing contracts

    He is advising International Sports franchises on a variety of legal matters including good governance, contracts, image rights and media contracts

    Furthermore he is advising and representing International Sports personnel in governing body disciplinary issues and allegations

  • GDC v R

    Representation of a dentist alleged to have caused permanent damage to a patient in relation to treatment of sporting injuries.

  • ICSL v X

    Representation of professional students excluded from the institution and excluded from legal societies due to cheating.

  • GPhC v P

    A pharmacist accused of breaching GPC rules in relation to ethics, standards and professional code for prescriptions.


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Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers (ARDL)

Young Fraud Lawyers Association

Extradition Lawyers Association

Criminal Bar Association


Marylebone Cricket Club

British Association of Sport and Law


Accredited Pupil Supervisor

Florida Advanced Advocacy Course

South Eastern Circuit Keble College Course








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