Chris Johnston Secures Acquittals on All Counts After Two Trials for Taxi Driver in Sexual Assaults

Christopher Johnston
By: Christopher Johnston February 12, 2019

Chris Johnston secures acquittals on all counts after two trials for taxi driver in sexual assaults on disabled female passengers. Following allegations by two women that the client had sexually assaulted them in their wheelchairs whilst in their respective homes, police launched an investigation into his movements.

The two separate patients of a local MS hospital had each said that the accused had effectively groomed them into allowing him access into their homes where the sexual assaults were allegedly perpetrated.As a result of counsel’s extensive disclosure requests, a section 41 application, a non-defendant bad character application, and further submissions, the Crown was forced to concede that one of the complainants had mimicked the complaint of the other woman and had unresolved psychological issues, rendering her evidence unreliable.None of these features would have been disclosed at the outset and was only brought upon by defence counsel’s persistent pushing. After an aborted first trial the client was unanimously acquitted of the second woman’s allegations and consequently all counts.

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