Church Court Trio Spearhead Efforts to Bring Accountability for Situation in Myanmar

Lewis Power KC
By: Lewis Power KC March 13, 2018
Michael Polak
By: Michael Polak March 13, 2018

On Saturday evening, Lewis Power QC, Michael Polak, and Diana Constantinide of Church Court Chambers’ International Team were guests of honour at the Universal Peace Federation where they spoke about the situation in Myanmar and the Myanmar Inquiry, an independent mechanism which they are establishing in order to achieve justice and accountability for any international crimes committed in Myanmar in recent times.  The event was attended by community leaders, Rohingya activists, human rights champions, and media representatives.

The Myanmar Inquiry will consider whether there is prima facie evidence that international crimes such as genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes have been committed if it finds that there is such evidence, will consider the individual responsibility for the commission of these crimes under international law.

The outcomes of the Inquiry will be to:

  • produce a report identifying whether there is evidence of responsibility for international crimes based upon which any perpetrators could be brought to justice before international or domestic forums;
  • provide for the collection and preservation of evidence which could be provided to any tribunal or commission considering the situation in Myanmar;
  • provide a historical and legal record of what has occurred in Myanmar; and
  • provide educational material about the situation in Myanmar and the responsibility for that situation including both written records and a web stream of live hearings.

Further information about the Inquiry can be found at 

A news broadcast of the evening is available here


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