Church Court’s Michael Polak Begins Term as Chair of the Young Bar

Michael Polak
Michael Polak January 18, 2022

Church Court Chambers’ Michael Polak has begun his term as the Chair of the Bar Council’s Young Barristers’ Committee (“YBC”) for 2022. Michael was elected as Vice-Chair of the Young Bar in 2020, a position which results in a term as Chair in the following year.  

The YBC represents the interests of barrister pupils and new practitioners within 7 years post-pupillage and is mandated to: take such steps as seem likely to promote the interests of the Young Bar having regard to the interests of the Bar as whole; advise the representative committees of the Bar Council on all matters which are of particular concern to young barristers, or upon which advice is sought by other representative committees of the Bar Council; and to support the strategic aims of the Bar Council, as published.

For all matters in regard to his role as Chair of the Young Barristers’’ Committee, Michael can be contacted by email (

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