Church Court’s Michael Polak Elected as President of Middle Temple Young Barristers’ Association

Michael Polak
By: Michael Polak December 11, 2019

On the 4th December 2019, Church Court Chambers’ Michael Polak was elected as President of the Middle Temple Young Barristers’ Association (MTYBA) after serving in a number of roles within the organisation. MTYBA represents barristers of Middle Temple up until 7 years post qualification and arranges professional and educational development events as well as opportunities for members to socialise with their peers and to access opportunities to build relationships with solicitors groups and international groups of lawyers.

Michael Polak stated ‘ I look forward to leading MTYBA in 2020 and building upon the great initiatives put in place by the previous committees. I aim to build lasting relationships with other legal representative groups in the United Kingdom and abroad and to run events which enrich the professional lives of our members, bringing them into contact with inspirational people and helping them to develop important skills to enhance their careers. MTYBA gratefully enjoys the strong support of Middle Temple which has a firm belief in the support and development of young barristers which attracts student members to join the Inn.  I invite our members, and members of groups with whom we might collaborate, to get in touch so that we can do everything possible to make the lives of young barristers at Middle Temple as fruitful as possible.’

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