Colin Witcher secures acquittal in 2kg cocaine distribution conspiracy case

Colin Witcher
By: Colin Witcher January 25, 2019

After a trial before Judge and Jury at the Peterborough Crown Court, the alleged organiser of a conspiracy to supply 2kg of cocaine, represented by Colin Witcher, was acquitted by the Jury. The cocaine was consistent with not having been cut and therefore having been recently imported, with a six figure street value. The Jury were told that the courier who had been caught with the drugs had earlier pleaded guilty admitting the existence of the conspiracy. Further, the Jury learned that the defendant had a previous conviction for being concerned in the supply of Class A Drugs, namely 1kg of importation grade cocaine. The defendant stood trial together with a co-defendant. The defendant was the only person to have contact with both the co-defendant and the courier, and said therefore to be the only person capable of organising the deal. To that end, the courier and the co-defendant, who never had phone contact with each other, were both present when the drugs were delivered by another courier, unknown. The Crown presented evidence that the defendant had phone contact with both the courier and the co-defendant (multiple times on the day of the deal) including at the exact time of the deal. Further, the Jury were presented with whatsapp messages that showed that the defendant had previously messaged the courier saying “make sure you test it”.

The courier was sentenced to 5 years and 6 months. The co-defendant, who was convicted after trial, was sentenced to 8 years and 6 months.

Colin was instructed by Angie Deacon of Lawtons Solicitors,

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