Colin Witcher Secures Old Bailey Acquittal in Unusual Perverting the Course of Justice Trial.

Colin Witcher
Colin Witcher April 11, 2019

Colin Witcher secures Old Bailey acquittal in unusual perverting the course of justice trial.

Colin Witcher of Chambers’ Crime and Regulatory Group represented the defendant before the Central Criminal Court where he faced trial, with five others, for the roles they allegedly played in the attempted murder of a young male and the steps taken thereafter to hide evidence from the police. It was alleged that the first three defendants stabbed the victim repeatedly including to the heart, the fourth was said to have orchestrated the intended murder, whilst the fifth and sixth defendant allegedly helped hide incriminating evidence.

Colin represented the sixth defendant who faced a charge of conspiracy to pervert the course of justice. It was alleged that Colin’s defendant played a role in a “brazen and audacious” conspiracy which involved an unknown person removing items from a car seized by the police, whilst it was being transported to a police compound. To that end, it was alleged that the defendant drove his vehicle in broad daylight behind a marked police vehicle which was following the seized car, secured on a tow truck. Once the police car turned, it was alleged that the defendant drove immediately behind the tow truck to allow his passenger to access the seized car’s boot and remove incriminating evidence.

The defendant denied being party to any conspiracy in order to assist the fifth defendant who owned the seized vehicle and who had been originally arrested for attempted murder.

Colin Witcher was assisted throughout the trial, which lasted 4 weeks, by Chambers’ Pupil Caroline Skeet.

Colin Witcher was instructed by Imran Ali of Kaim Todner Solicitors.

If you wish to instruct Colin Witcher please contact the Clerks Room, his full profile may be viewed here.


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