Colin Witcher secures only acquittal in multi-handed Money Laundering trial

Colin Witcher
By: Colin Witcher April 6, 2016

After a 7 Day Trial at the Canterbury Crown Court, Colin Witcher secured the only acquittal out of five defendants who were stopped at Dover Docks in a BMW car each found to be carrying a significant quantity of Euros. There was no evidence of an audit trail showing derivation from legitimate income and there were contradictory accounts advanced by the defendants upon search in contrast to their accounts presented during the course of their respective police station interviews.

Mr Witcher secured favourable directions and a route to verdict (preparing the latter himself as a proposed draft for the Learned Judge which was adopted). All defendants, save BW for whom Mr Witcher acted were convicted.

Counsel was instructed by Delaney Igbo, senior partner of Delaney and Company Solicitors.

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