Diana Constantinide Co-Authors International Law Association Report

Diana Constantinide, a member of Church Court Chambers, who has experience in international law, is a member of the International Law Association’s (ILA) study group titled as ‘use of domestic law principles for the development of international law’ and co-author of the Johannesburg Report initially presented at the Biennial Conference (South Africa 2015) and this year to be presented at the Biennial Conference (Sydney 2018). Chairman of the study group is Professor M H Maurice Mendelson QC and Rapporteur Dr Alejandro Leyda Carballo.

Diana contributed to the Johannesburg Report which comprises of 56 pages and addresses issues arising from international relations, to keep international law moving and its increasing need to borrow principles from the domestic legal systems. Report’s objective is to understand how domestic principles are currently identified and consider whether it could be possible to provide some general guidelines to serve as a practical reference for those involved in the adjudication or other decision-making process, as well as for those concerned with the development of international law.

The link to for the report can be found here.

Diana Constantinide is available to be instructed in international law areas including international criminal law and human rights. Diana is also available for talks/speeches/panel discussions about international law by contacting the clerks at clerks@ccc.chcdigital.com or by calling them at +(0)20 7936 3637


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