Lesley Manley
By: Lesley Manley May 3, 2018

Lesley Manley represented a vulnerable Afghan Refugee accused of the attempted rape and sexual touching of a 13 year old school girl. The complainant was extremely vulnerable and required the assistance of an intermediary and extremely sensitive cross-examination. The defendant was also vulnerable by virtue of being traumatised by war and having a low intellect. He required the assistance of an interpreter. As a result of careful preparation by solicitor and counsel he was able to be taken through his evidence in chief in a coherent and logical manner.

The jury found him not guilty of two attempted rapes and one count of sexual touching.

Instructing Solicitor was Peter Fernando of Londinium Solicitors


In her following trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court Lesley Manley represented an Uber driver who was alleged to have sexually assaulted a male passenger. The Uber driver was a man of good character who had been rendered acutely depressed by this allegation. He had arrived in the country from Afghanistan 20 years ago and was the sole breadwinner for his family. He was of good standing within his community. He maintained that the allegation was fabricated following an altercation with the passenger. He was able to call a number of character witnesses who attested to his loyalty and honesty.

The jury unanimously acquitted him after just under an hour of deliberation.

Instructing Solicitor was Gias Uddin of Liberty Law Solicitors

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