Foreign Policy Reports on Problem of Enforced Disappearances in Bangladesh Quoting Church Court’s Michael Polak

Michael Polak
By: Michael Polak February 13, 2017

Well-regarded international affairs journal Foreign Policy has run a feature article on the problem of enforced disappearances in Bangladesh and how they are being used against the political opposition by the Government.  The article which can be read here reports on the case of Mr Ahmad Bin Quasem, a Bangladeshi barrister who was abducted by Government forces whilst defending his father at the internationally maligned International Crimes Tribunal in Dhaka.  Michael Polak of Church Court Chambers is instructed by Mr Bin Quasem’s family to fight for his release.  This work has included travelling to Bangladesh to make representations to the international diplomatic community, meeting with Ministers of the British and European Parliaments to discuss the case, submitting international legal communications to the UN bodies, and liaising with the press to ensure that this matter is publicised.


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