George Hepburne Scott Defeats Thai Extradition Request in Landmark Case

By: George Hepburne Scott December 2, 2021

On 2 December 2021, George’s client, N.R. was discharged by a district judge at Westminster Magistrates’ Court. 

This followed a 4-day extradition hearing in September when evidence was led by the defence as to Thai corruption, prison conditions, abuse of process, no prima facie case, no dual-criminality and passage of time.

However, the district judge ultimately discharged N.R. on Article 3 grounds on the basis of the Thai prison conditions. The Thai government had, at the end of the extradition hearing, sought to persuade the judge to request further information regarding prison conditions and further assurances in this regard. This was strongly resisted by the defence and the judge ruled in the defence favour. Evidence in this regard had included evidence called by the defence of previous breaches of prison assurances by the Thai government, detailed reports from authoritative international bodies and other expert evidence regarding the conditions in Thai prisons.

Therefore, N.R. was discharged; constituting yet another landmark extradition victory for George Hepburne Scott.

George was led by Mark Summers, QC of Matrix and both were instructed by Giovanna Fiorentino of Lansbury Worthington

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