George Hepburne Scott instructed in global terrorist financing extradition case involving Hezbollah

By: George Hepburne Scott May 22, 2023

George is instructed in the case of USA v S.N. on behalf of a defendant facing a US extradition request who is said to be at the centre of a global terrorist financing conspiracy involving the sale and export of $750 million worth of diamonds and artworks which are said by US federal prosecutors to have been deliberately undervalued to evade US OFAC sanctions to enable the funding of Hezbollah.

The extradition request has been made by the US Department of Justice Office of International Affairs and is being led from the highest levels of the US Government.

George is highly experienced in resisting US extradition requests especially those involving allegations of complex global conspiracies.

The case is listed at Westminster Magistrates’ Court throughout 2023 and is attracting worldwide media attention. 

George is instructed by specialist extradition litigator, Magdalena Motyl of Bark & Co

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