George Hepburne Scott secures High Court success in Extradition Appeal

Michael Polak
By: Church Court Chambers July 2, 2024

George Hepburne Scott has secured a successful result for his client in the High Court, in a recent Romanian extradition case.

Judgment in the case of MB v Romania was handed down on 14 June 2024 and can be viewed here.

Mr Justice Julian Knowles in his judgment noted that the appeal was brought with the permission of Hill J against the order for MB’s extradition to Romania made by District Judge Minhas on 8 March 2023. The extradition was sought to serve a combined sentence for driving and drugs offences. In ruling in favour of the appellant, Julian Knowles J stated:

“There are factors for and against extradition….the points made by Mr Hepburne Scott are powerful. Having considered matters carefully and at length, I have reached the conclusion that this is a rare case where, standing back (per Love), the district judge was wrong and that (s)he should have concluded that extradition would be a disproportionate interference with the Appellant’s Article 8 rights….For these reasons, I quash the order for extradition on the basis that the district judge should have answered the Article 8 question differently and had (s)he done so (s)he would have been bound to order the Appellant’s discharge, and I so order…”

The appellant was delighted with the outcome and is now able to complete his university degree and to continue to work and live in the UK.

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