George Hepburne-Scott Succeeds in Another Complex Part 2 Extradition Case

By: George Hepburne Scott June 14, 2022

On 10 June 2022, George’s client M.D. was successful in the case of Switzerland v M.D.

The case involved an allegation of high value fraud involving an attack on the treasury IT systems of a major global company. The Swiss authorities had issued a Part 2 international arrest warrant and extradition proceedings had commenced against George’s client.

However, persistent legal argument and applications, including co-ordinated action in Switzerland through a Swiss lawyer that we engaged for the client, the extradition hearing was vacated at Westminster Magistrates’ Court as the Swiss prosecutor had agreed to an unprecedented granting of ‘safe passage’ to Switzerland under art. 204 of the Swiss Code of Criminal Procedure’.  The client’s passport was returned to enable him to attend Switzerland where he gave evidence to a Judge and was guaranteed not to be arrested. The client duly attended and gave his full account including defence evidence. He then returned to the UK.

Following this and further legal representations, the Swiss authorities finally agreed to withdraw the Part 2 international extradition arrest warrant and the extradition proceedings were dropped.

George was instructed by Magdalena Motyl of Bark & Co Solicitors

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