Glenn Harris Secures Acquittal for Talented Drill Musician

Michael Polak
By: Church Court Chambers January 11, 2022

Glenn Harris was instructed by a top defence firm of Solicitors VHS Fletchers in Nottingham and secured an acquittal for an talented drill musician as opposed how he was portrayed by the prosecution – as an alleged gang member charged with conspiracy to supply a firearm with intent to endanger life.

Glenn Harris secured a memorable and much lauded acquittal of a supposed gang member by advancing a defence which included adducing ‘drill music’ which seemed counter-intuitive and contrary to the judges ruling preventing the prosecution from adducing such evidence.

By use of an expert in drill music and adroit cross-examination of the officer in the case, Glenn was able to demonstrate an ignorant and un-objective police investigation. This was relevant to this case and to explain a previous conviction for a similar matter (denied by defendant – for a case before Glenn was instructed) which the prosecution were allowed to adduce in evidence.

By demonstrating that the police had potentially erroneously mistook ‘gang’ membership with lawful involvement  in drill music, and by advancing an alternative explanation for the telephone communication Glenn secured a unanimous acquittal and was able to question whether the defendant was in fact guilty of the earlier conviction.

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