Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) drop case against Mr Surinder Goyal after a lengthy litigation process of nearly 3 years.

Islam Khan
By: Islam Khan November 16, 2022

Mr Goyal was represented by Islam Khan on direct litigation access.

After nearly 3 years of litigation, the HCPC drop case against Mr Surinder Goyal. The HCPC filed for discontinuance earlier this year. On 14th Nov 2022, the conduct and professional committee panel heard requests for discontinuance of this case against Mr Goyal from the HCPC who were represented by Kingsley Napley Solicitors.

The facts are that Mr Goyal was suspended and referred to the regulatory body that he was unfit to practise as a result of an alleged download of inappropriate material onto the trusts’ two laptops used by him.

Mr Khan having assessed the case, he filed for an abuse of process argument and obtained a forensic IT expert, Ms Sarah Vella, of evidence matters to examine the materials of the two laptops in question. Laptop A and B. As result of the examination the IT expert reported  that there was no continuity of evidence and no evidence whatsoever that Mr Goyal had downloaded any material of that kind. The IT expert of the trust subsequently agreed with Mr Goyal’s expert. Nevertheless, the trust were pursuing this case with vigour with limited evidence to dismiss Mr Goyal.

Mr Surinder Goyal was a specialist physiotherapist who was the  Leader of the year in 2016 of his department, he had strong work ethics, and gave long working hours with his full energy to the Trust only that the Trust let him down and caused psychological damage to him with an erroneous and false accusation.

The Assistant Director of Sefton described Mr Goyal as “You cannot ever leave the trust as we value you so much”.

Mr Khan thanks Denise Nikolic with her assistance in this case, and Sarah Vella & Rashid Raja with their IT expertise helping to ensure that a just and right outcome was achieved in this case.

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