Kerim Fuad KC’s Outstanding Murder Acquittal Rate Continues.

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC January 14, 2022

Mr Kerim Fuad QC’s client was a 16 year old defendant who was on trial both for the Murder of a 19 year old, and the S.18 attack of the deceased’s father.

On 14th January 2022, after a 10 week, 4 handed trial, which began in November 2021, Mr Fuad QC’s client was unanimously acquitted of Murder and S.18

Two defendants were convicted of Murder.

Mr Fuad QC’s client and one other were convicted of manslaughter/S.20.  

The prosecution case was that his client had participated with 3 other defendants in 2 separate attacks on vans on successive days in February 2021. Both attacks involved tailing the target van for some distance into the same Close and then running out to use machetes and bats, to damage the vehicles and on the second occasion the front passenger was stabbed to death with a machete and the driver had his arm broken by a baseball bat. One defendant attempted to run a cutthroat defence against his client.

Mr Fuad’s client was alleged to have participated in wealding a large machete, which two independent eye witnesses saw, claiming that he sheathed and hid the machete as he ran away. He was captured on CCTV. He was wearing a mask, his DNA was found all over the series of weapons including machetes, knives and sheathes which were all later found. The blood of the deceased was found on his jacket. He had later got rid of his mobile telephone. He answered ‘no comment’ in interview and did not give evidence.

Mr Fuad QC’s incisive and sensitive cross examination, supreme mastery of both the CCTV and telephone material, combined with his trademark opening speech was something from which the prosecution case never recovered. His meticulous cross examination of the crown’s scientific expert shook the foundation of the crown’s case.

Mr Fuad QC led the extremely able Kim Preston of 4 KBW. He was instructed by Heather Howe and Adonis Daniel of “Andrew Storch Solicitors” who put in an equally hard and committed shift.

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