Kerim Fuad QC and Colin Witcher conclude representing the lead defendant in a long running benefit and charity fraud

Kerim Fuad KC
Kerim Fuad KC June 22, 2016
Colin Witcher
Colin Witcher June 22, 2016

In the biggest case of fraud yet of its kind to be heard in the UK, Mr Fuad QC and Mr Witcher secured a six year term for the first defendant in a widespread and long running conspiracy to defraud the Government.

The defendant was allegedly the principal protagonist in well-orchestrated scheme which, between 2005 and 2012, caused the DWP losses of a little under £1 million. These frauds were committed by pretending that employees had received interpreting support from fully qualified British Sign Language interpreters when either no support had been received and/or the number of hours for which support had been provided had been grossly exaggerated.

This was a complex and voluminous case, which underlines Counsels’ unique knowledge and experience in communicating with, gaining the trust of, and supporting defendants who are profoundly deaf and mute. Later this year, Mr Fuad QC and Mr Witcher shall be presenting a paper and accompanying seminar on representing vulnerable defendants in the modern court system.

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Kerim Fuad QC and Colin Witcher both of Church Court  Chambers were instructed by Tim Edwards, Partner at Edwards Vaziraney solicitors

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