Kerim Fuad QC and Colin Witcher secure back-to-back murder acquittals

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC July 27, 2017
Colin Witcher
By: Colin Witcher July 27, 2017

Following Mr Fuad QC‘s and Mr Witcher‘s recent acquittal at Kingston Crown Court for Attempted Murder in the case of R v LF, both Counsel were reunited again, instructed by the same solicitors to defend in a case of Murder, this time before HHJ Bevan QC at the Central Criminal Court.  The victim had been stabbed at least 12 times in a senseless act of gratuitous violence; the motive inferred as revenge for the victim having dared “mess with the wrong people”.  The defendant, K.M, an accepted road related (gang related) young man, was the owner of the car that carried the killers to the scene; the number plate having been noted down by an off duty police officer. The defendant was later positively identified on an ID procedure by an independent eye witness as being one of the two killers. When arrested the defendant’s face was half burnt – the car carrying the killers had been set on fire. Further, the defendant’s phone had ceased all contact with the co-defendant after the time of the murder.

The jury acquitted K.M after the evidence, although seemingly compelling on its face, had been carefully dissected by the defence.

The co-defendant was convicted of Murder and was sentenced to a life imprisonment with a minimum term of 26 years.

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