Kerim Fuad QC and Maria Karaiskos Secure Sensational Murder and s.18 Acquittals in High Profile and Sensitive Trial at the Old Bailey.

Kerim Fuad KC
Kerim Fuad KC August 12, 2020
Maria Karaiskos KC
Maria Karaiskos KC August 12, 2020

On 10th October 2019 at 3.19 pm, a boy boarded the 241 bus on the way to Stratford wearing a balaclava and armed with a very large hunting knife. He proceeded to knife two 15-year-old schoolboys a total of 4 times, in front of terrified passengers, before running off the bus after B. A. who later died of his stab injuries.

The client of Mr Fuad QC and Maria Karaiskos was also a 15-year-old schoolboy and was carrying an identical hunting knife in his rucksack which he was seen on CCTV to take out on the same bus to inspect. The defendants’ knives had been bought together. He was alleged to have been the look out and the one who “tipped off” his best friend from the top deck via a lengthy phone call, and other phone calls, to know which bus the deceased and his friends were on and pinpointing where the bus was.

There was previous Snapchat talk involving all the boys in which knives were talked about and threats were made, including who was going to “be the first to be on someone’s blade.”

Their client was acquitted of all 4 counts.  

This acquittal adds to Mr Fuad QC’s quite extraordinary record of Murder acquittals, in particular over the last 10 years.

The other defendant was unanimously convicted of the Murder of B. A. He will be sentenced in due course following probationary reports.

This case has been widely reported in the national press, although reporting restrictions apply in respect of child defendants and witnesses.

On a separate note:

Both Mr Fuad QC and Miss Karaiskos are Cypriots who come from each of the island’s communities. The trial was a classic example of the two working as a successful, cohesive and powerful team. 

Mr Fuad QC and Miss Karaiskos both of Church Court Chambers were instructed by Mr Joel Lamptey of Hanson Woods solicitors.

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