Kerim Fuad QC features in Sky Documentary

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC December 16, 2020

Head of Chambers Kerim Fuad QC features in a documentary to be aired by Sky Crime concerning a high profile and sensitive murder case recently handled by Kerim. The case concerned the artist and grandmother Valerie Graves, who was murdered in a horrific attack just days after Christmas while housesitting a million-pound property. Kerim’s involvement in the documentary was filmed in Chambers’ new premises within Southampton Buildings. 

Kerim is a highly respected Criminal Silk with one of the leading directories observing that; “He has the jury eating out of the palm of his hand”. He is widely recognised as the go-to Silk for complex Murder cases at the Old Bailey. 

For media enquiries or instructions please contact Chambers’ Practice Director, Rod McGurk.

Please see the following link to view the documentary:

“Killer in my Village – Series 4 – Episode 9 – Valerie Graves”

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