Kerim Fuad QC leading Chris Johnston both of Church Court Chambers conclude high profile terrorist trial.

Kerim Fuad KC
Kerim Fuad KC December 31, 2015
Christopher Johnston
Christopher Johnston December 31, 2015

Mr Abdulraoof Al Shayeb was found with material both on his computer, flash stick and handwritten notes that contained detailed instructions on Dragunov sniper rifles, Grad rockets, mortars, a jihadi training checklist and bomb making information. He asserted that agents from the Bahraini state had collaborated with the UK in planting the material on him and in his home.

He claimed to be a peaceful human rights activist who had been tortured by the Bahraini state. He successfully sought asylum in the UK in 2006.

Photos were before the jury of him in Parliament with Jeremy Corbyn. He had also worked with Lord Avebury.

Mr Alshayeb was also shown in photos in Iraq dressed in military fatigues holding two firearms.

There was a huge amount of press interest throughout and after the trial.

Chambers were instructed on this matter by Louise James of Montague Solicitors.

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