Kerim Fuad QC succeeds in university rape case.

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC October 4, 2017

Mr Fuad QC, Head of Church Court Chambers represented a young man accused of the rape of a fellow University student. After a trademark opening speech by Mr Fuad QC, straight after the crown’s opening, and his meticulous cross examination (which was praised by the Judge for its sensitivity) Mr Fuad QC exposed the complainant’s account.

Mr Fuad QC’s client who was a young man of impeccable good character, had given a complete and consistent account from the moment of his arrest that all sexual contact was consensual. He could not have assisted the investigation more.

Unusually and a first for the very experienced trial Judge, the trial did not even get to half time as the crown in the exceptional circumstances of this case, simply had no choice but to offer no evidence after the cross examimation had concluded. The Judge directed the jury who happily found him not guilty.

Mr Fuad QC complimented his opponent in open court for the sensible decision he initiated, making plain how important it is that the independent Bar prosecute these sensetive and complex matters. Mr Fuad QC was instructed by Steve Halloran of Lawtons Solicitors.

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