Kerim Fuad QC Wins Again – 10 Acquittals in his Last 11 Homicide Trials.

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC January 7, 2019

Kerim Fuad QC maintained his unique and extraordinary run of 10 acquittals in his last 11 homicide trials, at the Old Bailey today.

He led Edward Boateng-Addo, also of Church Court Chambers, successfully representing Mr I who had allegedly played a key role in planning Mr S’s brutal killing with axe handles.  He had followed and passed the deceased’s red car 13 times in a space of a few minutes whilst constantly on the phone for just under half an hour and reporting the movements of the deceased’s car to the driver of another car.

The multi handed trial ran from early November culminating with their client’s acquittal today.

The first 2 defendants were unanimously convicted of murder, another of manslaughter. Another defendant was also acquitted.

Kerim and Edward proved to be a highly effective and persuasive team in the face of overwhelming evidence.

Kerim and Edward were instructed by Ebenezer Madeinlo of Hanson Woods Solicitors.


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