Kerim Fuad QC’s client acquitted of Murder in triple stabbing incident.

Kerim Fuad KC
By: Kerim Fuad KC July 4, 2016

After a two month Murder trial before the Honourable Mr Justice Openshaw, the jury unanimously acquitted Mr Fuad QC’s client, E.S of both Murder and S.18.

E.S was one of the main defendants and was caught on a covert prison van recording, confessing to not only ‘not knowing whether he had licked the victim’ but also shouting ‘Get the Ting,’ at the time they were alleged by eye witnesses to have gone to the boot of the car to obtain the murder weapons.

Two of the co-defendants were convicted JB of both Murder and S.18, and ND convicted of S.18. The rest were acquitted.

Kerim Fuad QC was leading Ray Tully of Guildhall Chambers.

He was instructed by Damon Whitlow and Emily Evans of Allen Hoole Solicitors, Bristol.


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