Kerim Fuad QC’s extraordinary run of Murder Acquittals continues

Kerim Fuad KC
Kerim Fuad KC October 31, 2018

On 31st October 2018, after a 7 week trial at his home court, the Old Bailey, Kerim Fuad QC’s client, D.B was unanimously acquitted of Murder.

D was a 17 year old who was clearly captured on cctv running with a large knife in Logan Place W8 in a chasing pack of 20 young men who were chasing down a man, LB who was then, as the crown put it, “butchered” defenceless on the pavement.

His client was also acquitted of manslaughter and violent disorder.

It was the 9th acquittal Mr Fuad QC has secured in his last 10 trials.

He was leading James Hasslacher and instructed by Deborah Spence of Banks and Partners Solicitors ​

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