Kevin Molloy gets Conviction Overturned at the Court of Appeal

Kevin Molloy
By: Kevin Molloy December 21, 2018

Kevin Molloy represented the Applicant before a full court at the Court of Appeal and successfully argued that the Applicant was a victim of Trafficking who should never have been prosecuted. The Court accepted there was a clear nexus between the offending and the Applicant’s trafficked status. Due to the detailed work carried out by both Kevin and his instructing solicitor Philippa Southwell, the Respondent conceded that the Applicant should not have been prosecuted.

The failing by the various agencies and legal representatives to identify the Applicant as a Victim of Trafficking was of concern to the court. It is hoped this case will help increase awareness about future trafficked victims and remind all who may come into contact with such individuals of their obligations to investigate when trafficking indicators are evidenced.

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