Kevin Molloy Secures an Acquittal for “People Smuggling Conspiracy”

Kevin Molloy
By: Kevin Molloy January 30, 2019

Kevin Molloy represented a defendant, a female Polish national who had driven a small van onto a ferry in France, which was bound for Portsmouth.

The van was stopped and searched in Portsmouth harbour and on board in the back of the van were 6 migrants, most of whom originated from Iraq.  The co-defendants were in a car behind the van and when challenged they initially denied knowing anything about the driver or the migrants, before accepting they knew the partner of the driver. At trial the same co-defendants tried to blame the driver and denied all knowledge of the migrants or the conspiracy.

Through relentless cross-examination of the co-defendants their denials proved unsustainable and with careful analysis of phone data Kevin managed to demonstrate how the co-defendants alone were responsible for the criminal conspiracy. The driver was unanimously acquitted on all counts. The co-defendants were all convicted and are now serving custodial sentences.

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