Liam Loughlin Succeeds at the Court Of Appeal In Quashing Conviction Based Upon Fresh Evidence

Liam Loughlin was instructed by Stewart Begum Solicitors to appeal the case of FA, a young person who was convicted of involvement in a violent disorder involving serious weapons of violence.

Liam appealed the conviction based upon the issue that was taken with the interpretation of the mobile phone data usage by the Crown’s expert.  At the trial the defence sought to argue that the phone data usage showed that it was most likely that, at the time of the alleged, incident the defendant was at home at the time of the incident in accordance with the alibi raised by the defence; he could not therefore been at the scene of the alleged crime. The expert witness for the Crown did not agree with this interpretation.

After the defendant was convicted the defence were able to obtain further telephone data evidence that demonstrated beyond doubt that not only was it most likely that the appellant was at home at the time of the incident but that the phone was using mobile data to send and receive snap chat messages at the time it was alleged that he was committing the offence.

The conviction was quashed and the appellant released from custody.

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