Maria Karaiskos KC discusses anonymity orders on BBC News at Six and BBC Radio 4’s Six O’clock News and Midnight News

Maria Karaiskos KC
By: Maria Karaiskos KC January 2, 2024

Maria Karaiskos KC appeared on BBC News at Six, BBC Radio 4’s Six O’clock News and Midnight News to discuss the news that a judge is set to lift the anonymity order protecting the killers of teenager Brianna Ghey due to “a strong public interest” in the reporting of this case.

Maria explains that she has seen a number of cases involving violence perpetrated towards and by children in the English courts, and suggests that while a difficult decision to make, judges are now more commonly lifting anonymity orders in such circumstances.

Maria’s interview was broadcast on BBC News at Six, BBC Radio 4’s Six O’clock News and Midnight News, 21 December 2023.

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